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  How small should a function be?

"The well-designed functions are often relatively small, large function design is often a mess or there is a lot of room for optimization."Maybe you think there is no need to discuss the size of functions, because the nature of the function design is cohesive, its size is only its manifestations. But it is necessary to discuss about the size of function because the statement above .First let's understand the concept of minimum code processing unit : a basic operation (assignment, comparison, etc...


  Programmer professionalism

Programmer is a lifetime occupation. But first, as a programmer you need to love programming, rather than just an occupation to achieve other goals in life.Now if you plan to spend decades of life on programming, then you should continue to think about what is more efficient. In other words, how are you different from who you were a decade ago and how will you be better than who you are now a decade later?In my opinion, a programmer, regardless of his work, should improve himself in three aspect...

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  5 comment styles should be avoided

Have you ever found some superfluous comments while checking others codes? The purpose of using comments in the code is to enhance the readability of the code, so that non-original code developers can understand them better and easier.I summarized 5 kinds of comment styles and the developers who write them. Hope you don't do the same thing as below in your application development process. 1. Arrogant comments public class Program { static void Main(string[] args) { string message...


  TIOBE : No news today

TIOBE released the programming index for September 2012. There is no big change for this month compared to last month, the top 3 are still C, Java and Objective-C. In top 20, only Transact-SQL exchanged the position with VB.NET. Java shows trend of drop, will it be worse because of the ignorance of Java's vulnerabilities by Oracle. This index shows that the programing lnaguage market is quite normal, no big events. Except Objective-C, in recent years there are no other new languages which have b...

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  TIOBE : What's the future of C#?

TIOBE released the programming language index for August 2012, the top 3 programming languages are still C, Java and Objective-C. Objective-C still performs well after it ranked 3rd place last month, it's still rising. Is there any possibilty Object-C will overtake Java in the near future? However, Microsoft's C# doesn't look so good. C# is generally recognized as the enterprise language with most modern and expressive features available today and C# has shown more downward trends in the past an...

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  Efficiency of code execution

If you want to optimize your program codes, you need to find their Hotspot, i.e, the codes which are executed most frequently. If you can optimize this portion of codes a bit, you may gain much improvement of your code efficiency. Here I give you three examples about efficiency of code execution.1. PHP's Getter and Setter (From Reddit)This example a quite simple, you can skip it if you want.Consider the code below, we can find it's slower when we use Getter/Setter method to read a member variabl...


  Macro to change text color conditionally in Excel

Macros are small but very powerful VBA programs in Microsoft Office software. They can help us complete some repeated tasks automatically. Today, I will show you one macro example which is to change the text color conditionally. The excel file has a work sheet which contains some records of request. I want to check the status of each request, if the status of a request is approved, the text color of the status should be green; if the status of a request is rejected, the text color of the status ...


  C++, Ruby and CoffeeScript complexity comparison

There are many programming languages around the world, they all designed to help programmer solve some problems, finish some tasks. These languages are often divided into different types, there are structural, object-oriented, functional, scripting languages etc. Some are easy to pick up such as Java, while some are thought to be difficult to learn such as C++. So how do we understand complexities of different programming languages?Many people agree that C++ is very complex languages, it has poi...