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Here is Surface Pro 4

Here is Surface Pro 4

Microsoft is holding a new product release event today in New York. The biggest excitement Microsoft brings us is the Surface Pro 4. The most advanced Microsoft tablet ever equipped with Windows 10. Here are the selling points of Surface Pro 4: Performance 6th generation of Intel Core processor 30% faster than Surface Pro 3 50% faster than MacBook Air Up to 15 G RAM Up to 1TB storage 8.4 mm. Thinnest Surface Pro ever Four USB 3.0 ports Two 4K display ports Ethernet One productive connection S...
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Microsoft announces new Microsoft Band

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Microsoft just announced a new Microsoft Band on a new product release event held in New York today. This new device is the second generation of the smart wearable device since the first generation announced around 1 year back(29 October, 2014). The biggest change of the new Microsoft Band is that it has a whole new design with curved screen. It now can be better adept to our body structure. In addition to this, there are a few other features as well. Below is a list of the features this new Mi...

Top 10 Best Free PHP Frameworks of 2015

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Like it or not, PHP is still, the most celebrated as well as an influential platform which is widely admired for its brilliant HTML, database integration support, intuitive features, and simple in learning too. Using diverse PHP frameworks, developers can create robust, effective, well- defined and stable web application with an ease and therefore, saving towards development cost is possible.   In essence, these frameworks facilitate scalability and enduring maintenance by obeying developm...

The Greatest Regex Trick Ever (Simplified)

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There is a post which is really hot recently which showcased a best ever regular expression trick. In this post, it provides a trick which can be adapted to situations where one wants to match some patterns desired and exclude the patterns undesired. In simple, the trick is : Pattern not desired | (Pattern desired) Then taking the group 1 match of the capturing group of matched. This group will contain the strings matching the desired patterns. Have to say this trick is really neat and brilliant...

PHP to output string to client terminal

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It is a common task to echo messages to the user using PHP. There are lots of ways where the message can be echoed to the client terminal(browser or console window) through PHP. These includes some well know debug methods like var_dump() and var_export() etc. In this post, we will show you some other methods shared by Laruence, one of the core members of PHP development team. 1. echo First comes with the most common one : echo. $str = "Hello PHP\n"; echo $str; 2. print Then comes another c...

Necessary Elements for Developing a Website

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Website has given businesses a great way to communicate with their existing customers. Without a user-friendly and attractive website, you may not receive as many customers as you may have expected prior launching your website. Therefore, it is usually advisable to outsource your web development services to one of the best web development companies in Singapore. Web development services in Singapore ensures proper development of your website without missing out on any important element. These a...

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What are you most afraid of as a programmer?

As a programmer, we need to write many codes which may affect millions of people. We will often feel stressed as we need to meet hard deadlines, fulfill impossible client requests and lots of bugs which bite us now and then. What is a programmer most afraid of? When will you feel most stressed or frustrated?

Is Apple dead in innovation?

The recent Apple new product release event brings Apple fans a few new products and service. Among them, we see iPad Pro which Apple claims is the largest iPad ever created. Also, Apple Pencil, Apple Keyboard Cases are released as accessories for iPad Pro. But many think these products all are similar to Microsoft Surface products. Many people think these are copied from Microsoft.
Is Apple dead in innovation now? What can we expect from Apple in the future? Where will Apple go next?

What are bad parts of Windows 10?

Windows 10 has been officially released for one week now. Many users have upgraded their system to Windows 10 and many issues are encountered during or after the upgrade. What bad things have you seen on Windows 10? What awkward things you have experienced when using Windows 10?

What different things have you experienced in Windows 10?

Windows 10 was officially release on 29 July 2015. Within first two days of the release, around 67 million devices have been upgraded to Windows 10. Have you upgraded to Windows 10? What surprise do you get when you have it? What different things have you experienced in Windows 10?

What do you like or dislike about AngularJS?

AngularJS has become one of the most popular frameworks for web designers. It is created by Google and provides the MVC style design for the front end. It eases the work of binding the form data with the JavaScript objects and thereafter binding of backend. Since it introduces many new concepts such as directives, controllers etc, it introduces a deep learning curve for many developers. What do you like or dislike about AngularJS? Should the HTML be designed like AngularJS at the beginning?

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Have you heard of JADE computer?

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