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IBM acquires Ustream to propel its cloud business

IBM acquires Ustream to propel its cloud business

On January 21, 2016, IBM acquired Ustream, a leading live and on-demand video solution company, to propel its cloud service business. This acquisition will make IBM capable of providing enterprise live video stream service to the world. With this, a new member joining the IBM cloud service family. Ustream provides cloud-based video streaming to enterprises and broadcasters for everything from corporate keynotes to live music concerts. The company streams live and on-demand video to about 80 mil...
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Why to Build Modern Web Apps with ASP.NET?

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ASP.NET offers multiple options for fabricating cloud-based web applications. Its features such as the ability to cope up with different platforms including Mac, Linux, and Windows along with its open source nature indicate its efficiency. The various architectural modifications in the core framework have made the system more affable, and modular components make the job easier by simplifying the various implications.  Microsoft has worked on the roots of this software to render a sophistica...

Software Development Company Shares Its Development Process

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Canonicalize XML in Java

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XML canonicalization is often used when there is need to create digital signature to be sent to peers for verification. Since digital signature is created based on XML data, the XML data has to be canonicalized before its signature value can be calculated. Even an extra space may affect the signature value calculated, hence it must follow some rules to canonicalize the XML data so that it has a standard format. This is why W3C created specification Canonical XML Version 1.1. This specificat...

Baidu is in a deadly crisis

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In past few days, there was some news about Baidu(China's Google) which put this search engine giant in China in a devastating position. The news is about that the owners of a Tieba(Similar to Google Group) were replaced by a sponsored organization without notifying the original owners. This irritated the original owners of the Tieba and also the public. People are complaining that Baidu is doing something ridiculous and evil. The name of the Tieba group which was sold by Ba...

NIO vs IO in Java

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Java 1.4 provides a new API for handling IO -- NIO. This is a non-blocking and buffer oriented IO API. Below are main differences between the NIO and IO in Java. IO NIO Stream oriented Buffer oriented Blocking IO Non-blocking IO N/A Using selector Stream oriented vs Buffer oriented The main difference is that IO is stream oriented where the data is read byte by byte and the data will not be buffered normally.This means there is no pointer to move forward and backward in the stream. I...

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What are the big Internet events in 2015?

2015 is near the end, there are many things happening during the past year. In Internet world, there are big events happening every now and then. For example, the founding of Alphabet, the release of Surface Book etc. What unforgettable memories do you have in 2015? What do you think are the big Internet events in 2015?

Will Elon Musk get into drone business?

Elon Musk is known as a person to change the world in Musk style. He is the owner of SpaceX and Tesla. What he is doing changes the world. At the same time, many other companies are get into the drone business which is considered another area for competition. Facebook, Amazon are big players of drone. Will Elon Musk get into this business someday? What will he do to revolutionize drone business if he enters this area?

What does your work cubicle look like?

As an IT professional, we will spend much time at our work cubicle because we need to sit in front of our workstation. What is your cubicle looking like? Show the world what your work environment is? How fancy is it? How geeky is it?

What are you most afraid of as a programmer?

As a programmer, we need to write many codes which may affect millions of people. We will often feel stressed as we need to meet hard deadlines, fulfill impossible client requests and lots of bugs which bite us now and then. What is a programmer most afraid of? When will you feel most stressed or frustrated?

Is Apple dead in innovation?

The recent Apple new product release event brings Apple fans a few new products and service. Among them, we see iPad Pro which Apple claims is the largest iPad ever created. Also, Apple Pencil, Apple Keyboard Cases are released as accessories for iPad Pro. But many think these products all are similar to Microsoft Surface products. Many people think these are copied from Microsoft.
Is Apple dead in innovation now? What can we expect from Apple in the future? Where will Apple go next?

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Gunshot in a cold day

Gunshot in a cold day

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