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10 advice from Jack Ma on success

10 advice from Jack Ma on success

Jack Ma, the founder and executive chairman of the biggest e-commerce website in China, started his business with $20,000 that his wife and friends helped him raise. He is the first mainland Chinese entrepreneur to appear on the cover of Forbes. He is the richest man in mainland China with net worth of $22.5 billion.  During these years of running Alibaba Group, Jack Ma summarized 10 advice for success, these advice are coming from his experience and mistakes he made. ...
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App Store Visibility – A Few Do’s and Don’ts

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Discovery and Visibility are the two vital components for any mobile app, if the app publishing company is to derive some amount of revenue from their apps. However, the lack of organized marketing channels, a well-laid user acquisition strategy or even a poorly designed app often reduces the chances of being widely adopted by the users. In short, it hampers the possibility of the app being successful. Here is a list of few things to keep in mind while posting an app to the app stores. What to ...

Set file permission in Java

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Prior to Java 6,  there is no good solution at the Java level to provide file permission management. You need to implement your own native methods or call the Runtime.exec() to invoke the system routine such as chmod in LInux. Since Java 6, Java introduces a set of methods which can be used to set the file permission at Java level. These methods include: File.setReadable(boolean); File.setWritable(boolean); FIle.setExecutable(boolean); File.setReadable(boolean, boolean); File.setWritable(bo...

Jack Ma : Where are you going during the weekends?

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Jack Ma, the Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba founder and executive chairman, was reported to show up in a night club named Dragon-i in Hong Kong on 17th August night (Beijing Time).  It became the headline in China soon after this news was reported as many people thought it was quite unusual that a successful and super rich business man like him would show up in night clubs. Jack Ma explained on his Weibo(China's Twitter) on this and he posted a question to people as well which ...

Building Security onto Your Mobile Application

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Analysts state that more than 75% of the mobile applications will fail the basic security tests in 2015 – Gartner Research. Enterprises that follow the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) approach and facilitate mobile computing to their employees are susceptible to security threats and other vulnerabilities, unless they implement stringent security measures. In the development or deployment of mobile applications, a business can be severely impacted both financially and otherwise, if they are to...

Spurring the Consumer Feedback Loop with Connected Devices

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In a press release from earlier this year, Gartner had predicted that by the year 2018 mobile devices would account for initiating 5% of consumer services cases, registering a marginal rise of 0.02% from 2014. Research shows that most businesses lose around a whopping $83 billion owing to poor consumer services (Source: kissmetrics) in the US alone while globally, the average cost of losing a consumer is $243. It is only viable to think of automating support services as a way to lower the costs ...

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What are bad parts of Windows 10?

Windows 10 has been officially released for one week now. Many users have upgraded their system to Windows 10 and many issues are encountered during or after the upgrade. What bad things have you seen on Windows 10? What awkward things you have experienced when using Windows 10?

What different things have you experienced in Windows 10?

Windows 10 was officially release on 29 July 2015. Within first two days of the release, around 67 million devices have been upgraded to Windows 10. Have you upgraded to Windows 10? What surprise do you get when you have it? What different things have you experienced in Windows 10?

What do you like or dislike about AngularJS?

AngularJS has become one of the most popular frameworks for web designers. It is created by Google and provides the MVC style design for the front end. It eases the work of binding the form data with the JavaScript objects and thereafter binding of backend. Since it introduces many new concepts such as directives, controllers etc, it introduces a deep learning curve for many developers. What do you like or dislike about AngularJS? Should the HTML be designed like AngularJS at the beginning?

Where will the next Silicon Valley be?

Silicon Valley has become a hotspot where IT startups gather. There are many products created which changed people's life. Many people are thinking whether the model of Silicon Valley can be reproduced. There are many guesses about where the next Silicon Valley will be? Some say it may be Beijing as it has many talented and enthusiastic IT professional; some say it may be Singapore as it has appealing policies and government support. What do you think the next Silicon Valley should have? Which place do you think will be the next Silicon Valley?

What will happen if a sales backgrounded manager leads a tech team?

Recently a story happens around me where a manager with sales background has failed to lead two tech teams within 4 years. He has emphasized more on something which may please the upper management team but anger the team members. The team members are pushed to do something which are not related to their daily work. So their performance is not so good and the two teams were dismissed and moved out of the products they were on. This leads to the questions : What will happen if a sales backgrounded manager leads tech teams? What are the advantages and disadvantages?

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Trash Bin Kernel Panic

By sonic0002 at 2015-08-28 05:47:44
Nowadays even a trash bin can kernel panic...