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PHP 7 is coming soon

PHP 7 is coming soon

After a few RCs, PHP 7 will be officially released on November 12, 2015. This is a major release of PHP since PHP 5.6. @Laruence, one of the core contributors of PHP, has posted this news on Weibo(China's Twitter).  This is a one month later than the expected time as recorded in PHP 7 timeline. But it's not that late. The new release will come with a few features including: Scalar type declaration, you can define variable like int now Return type support. Besides declare scalar type ...
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Singleton Design Pattern in Java

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Singleton is frequently used in applications where resource may be expensive to create and no instance specific state needs to be maintained. For example, when creating database connection, a singleton may be needed. Today we will share the famous Singleton design pattern in Java. 1. Definition Singleton design pattern is a design pattern that restricts the instantiation of a class to one object. It is one of the most well-known design patterns. 2. Application Singleton ...

Signature sign/verification demo in Java

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Digital signature is commonly used in areas where data authentication and integrity are required. It is extremely important to have signature while transferring sensitive data from one peer to other peers through network since there might be malicious applications or man-in-the-middle attacks which may alter the data along the way. Java provides some APIs to generate and verify digital signature. One important class is Signature.  When generating the signature, a private key needs to be pa...

3 Mistakes Website Owners Must Avoid to Enjoy SEO Success

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The first thing a consumer asks themselves when they enter any website/webpage is whether they should stay or not. A consumer has just a few seconds during which, you have a chance to capture and retain them or else they will go. Whether or not they stay depends on a number of factors, but these are things that you can improve in on-site SEO, assisted of course by the web design and development team. Read on to find the three biggest peeves that are causing high bounce rates on your site and ho...

Using MemoryMappedBuffer to handle large file in Java

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When handling large files, it will largely affect the process speed while using traditional FileInputStream, FileOutputStream or RandomAccessFile since they trigger lots of read and write operations. In Java NIO, a new way of handling large file is introduced which is to use MmeoryMappedBuffer to create memory mapped file. Memory-mapped I/O uses the filesystem to establish a virtual memory mapping from user space directly to the applicable filesystem pages. With a memory-mapped file, you can pre...

Alibaba pays all cash to acquire Youku Tudou

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Alibaba announced that it had signed the agreement to acquire "China's YouTube" YouKu Tudou on November 6 Beijing Time. This deal will make Alibaba the leading entertainment and media company in China. The highlight of this deal is that Alibaba will pay all cash. When this acquisition is completed, shareholders from Youku Tudou can get cash with $27.60 per ADS. The board has approved this acquisition and they are asking the shareholders to vote to approve this deal. This deal is expected to be ...

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What does your work cubicle look like?

As an IT professional, we will spend much time at our work cubicle because we need to sit in front of our workstation. What is your cubicle looking like? Show the world what your work environment is? How fancy is it? How geeky is it?

What are you most afraid of as a programmer?

As a programmer, we need to write many codes which may affect millions of people. We will often feel stressed as we need to meet hard deadlines, fulfill impossible client requests and lots of bugs which bite us now and then. What is a programmer most afraid of? When will you feel most stressed or frustrated?

Is Apple dead in innovation?

The recent Apple new product release event brings Apple fans a few new products and service. Among them, we see iPad Pro which Apple claims is the largest iPad ever created. Also, Apple Pencil, Apple Keyboard Cases are released as accessories for iPad Pro. But many think these products all are similar to Microsoft Surface products. Many people think these are copied from Microsoft.
Is Apple dead in innovation now? What can we expect from Apple in the future? Where will Apple go next?

What are bad parts of Windows 10?

Windows 10 has been officially released for one week now. Many users have upgraded their system to Windows 10 and many issues are encountered during or after the upgrade. What bad things have you seen on Windows 10? What awkward things you have experienced when using Windows 10?

What different things have you experienced in Windows 10?

Windows 10 was officially release on 29 July 2015. Within first two days of the release, around 67 million devices have been upgraded to Windows 10. Have you upgraded to Windows 10? What surprise do you get when you have it? What different things have you experienced in Windows 10?

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Compilation without error in one shot

Compilation without error in one shot

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