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Singapore ISP SingTel experiences nation wide service down

Singapore ISP SingTel experiences nation wide service down

On 3 Dec, 2016, many people from Singapore found that they were disconnected from the world the moment they waked up. Their Internet Service Provider(ISP) SingTel, the largest ISP in the country, experienced a nation wide service down incident. The incident started at 8:21 am according to SingTel and all Internet service subscribers across the country are affected. The incident lasted for over 15 hours(The time this post is being written) and there is still no timeline for when the service will ...
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Stub Mixlib::ShellOut and shell_out in Ruby unit testing

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Unit testing is part of software development to ensure the tiny component of a function can work as designed. Different frameworks and tools can be used to run unit testing for different programming languages. In Ruby, one popular unit testing framework is Rspec, or Chefspec if you are writing Chef recipes. While writing Chef recipes, some low level commands(DOS commands or shell commands) need to be executed on the managed resource to perform actions or gather information. For example, lis...

Using OpenID connect in for login via Facebook

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This post is shared by development India experts to explain OpenID support and OAuth providers support in Through this article, you will learn the best way to use OpenId in development for login through different accounts including Facebook. Read this article and discover how experts of do it. Web pages of Asp.Net have support for OpenID and OAuth providers. These providers allow users to log in to the web application with their credentials from Microsoft, Google...

How to play with cross domain request

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What is cross domain request In simple, cross domain request is to request resource from other domain in one domain. Note, the "other domain" doesn't just mean domain name only, it includes much more. If the protocol, domain name, port is not the same, two domains will be considered different.  Below example describes what is considered as different domain.               # Same domain &nb...

Differences between bashrc and profile in Linux

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After login to a Linux system, the command console will show up with a prompt label such as # or ~, a shell command can be typed after this prompt and the system can execute the command thereafter. All these operations are handled by shell. Shell is a command language interpreter that executes commands read from the standard input device (keyboard) or from a file. There are different types of shells such as bash, ksh, csh etc. The most commonly used of them is bash and it's also the de...

Deep clone of JavaScript object

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In JavaScript world, it's frequently seen object clone. Normally when creating a clone of an object, it's only the reference being cloned but not all contents. In some scenarioes, it's desired to clone all the content instead of just the reference such that any change made to the cloned object will not change the original object. Differences between shallow clone and deep clone can be as simple as: Shallow clone : Only the object reference is cloned but not the content Deep clone : Clone all co...

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What's your opinion about Alibaba mooncake incident?

On 12 September, China's eCommerce giant Alibaba fired a few employees for ordering mooncakes intended for internal employees by "cheating". The background of this incident is that Alibaba developed a mooncake ordering system open to internal employee just before the Chinese Mid-Autumn festival(15 September). Knowing about this news, 4 Alibaba security engineers and 1 Aliyun(Alibaba Cloud) engineer wrote some script to help order the mooncake automatically. When the system was open, the script started to work and ordered a total of 124 boxes of mooncakes. After this happened, the management team had a conversation with the 5 employees and fired them a few hours later because the management team thought their behavior violated Alibaba's value(honest, fair play). However, the engineers get fired said they were just using some technical method to assist them and didn't intend to order so many and contacted HR to report this on their own initiative. This triggered a big debate later in China. Lots of people think Alibaba is too stringent on this and it hurts the geek spirit of programmers. What do you think of it? What will happen if this happens in your company? Is this considered normal as a geek?

Should a CTO write code?

A CTO is usually considered as a person with strong technology sense and knows how to build the best technology strategy of the company and conquer technical challenges facing the company. And a CTO is frequently conceived as a person who can write code well. There are a few arguments about what a CTO needs to do exactly. What do you think a qualified CTO needs to do? Does s/he need to write code? Does s/he need to be a tech guru?

What does it feel to have a programmer dad or mom?

What does it feel to have a programmer dad or mom? Will there be many discussions on technical topics during dinner? Do you want to have a programmer dad or mom?

Should we be worried about the win of AlphaGo?

The biggest event today is the match between AlphaGo(The AI system from Google) ad Lee Sedol. The result of the first match is that AlphaGo defeats Lee Sedol. There will be another four matches in following days. After today's match, many people are happy to see that AlphaGo wins, but many others are worrying about that human beings are defeated by machines. Should we be worried of the win of AlphaGo? Will we be replaced by machines in the future? What's your opinion about AI?
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Why doesn't IBM file legal brief in support of Apple?

Recently the legal case between FBI and Apple over unlocking iPhone as requested by FBI is a very hot topic in tech industry. Many tech giants include Google, Microsoft, Facebook and lots others have expressed their support of Apple by filing legal briefs. But we noticed that IBM is missing in the list of supporters. Do you think why IBM is missing? What is IBM concerning about? Afraid of losing government deals?

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The night before product release

The night before product release

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