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Java Interview Questions

Java Interview Questions

Currently there are many articles online which summarize the list of Java interview questions. Some cover lots of basic questions and some cover some specific questions in specific area such as multithreading. In this post, we will not cover the really basic questions, we will cover something different. For basic question, you can read Java Interview Questions。 Basic What is primitive data type? How many primitive data types in Java? What are they? -- A primitive type is predefined...
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Java 9 release is delayed again

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The original Java 9 planned release date is March 2017. But latest source shows that Java 9 release will be delayed again to July 2017. It's four months later than the planned date. Oracle Chief Architect of Java Platform group Mark Reinhold proposes this new release date in a message sent on the OpenJDK mailing list.  Despite this progress, at this point it's clear that Jigsaw needs more time. We recently received critical feedback that motivated a redesign of the module ...

try { return } finally {}

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Do you know what value will be printed when following program is ran? class Test { public int aaa() { int x = 1; try { return ++x; } catch (Exception e) { } finally { ++x; } return x; } public static void main(String[] args) { Test t = new Test(); int y =; System.out.println(y); } } And before answering the above question, do you have answers to following questions? If ther...

Package Control doesn't show up in Sublime Text 3

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Package Control is a package management console for managing packages in Sublime Text. It is frequently used to install, update packages. In Sublime Text 3, the Package Control package can be installed by following instructions at After installation, when you press Ctrl + Shift + P, a dialog with a text field will show up and package control commands can be typed and executed.  However, if you don't see the expected package control commands ...

Loading images progressively using Gaussian blur

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The popular online publishing platform Medium has adopted an impressive image loading mechanism -- pure color - blur image loading - real image loading. Since images on Medium usually have high definition, it takes much time to load an image and hence brings a bad user experience if rendering the image after it's completely downloaded. The solution Medium comes out is to preload an small image when the real image is being loaded.  On Medium, the HTML code will have below pattern ...

Traditional recursion vs Tail recursion

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Recursion is a frequently adopted pattern for solving some sort of algorithm problems which need to divide and conquer a big issue and solve the smaller but the same issue first. For example, calculating fibonacci  accumulating sum and calculating factorials. In these kinds of issues, recursion is more straightforward than their loop counterpart. Furthermore, recursion may need less code and looks more concise. For example, let's calculate sum of a set of numbers starting with 0 and st...

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What's your opinion about Alibaba mooncake incident?

On 12 September, China's eCommerce giant Alibaba fired a few employees for ordering mooncakes intended for internal employees by "cheating". The background of this incident is that Alibaba developed a mooncake ordering system open to internal employee just before the Chinese Mid-Autumn festival(15 September). Knowing about this news, 4 Alibaba security engineers and 1 Aliyun(Alibaba Cloud) engineer wrote some script to help order the mooncake automatically. When the system was open, the script started to work and ordered a total of 124 boxes of mooncakes. After this happened, the management team had a conversation with the 5 employees and fired them a few hours later because the management team thought their behavior violated Alibaba's value(honest, fair play). However, the engineers get fired said they were just using some technical method to assist them and didn't intend to order so many and contacted HR to report this on their own initiative. This triggered a big debate later in China. Lots of people think Alibaba is too stringent on this and it hurts the geek spirit of programmers. What do you think of it? What will happen if this happens in your company? Is this considered normal as a geek?

Should a CTO write code?

A CTO is usually considered as a person with strong technology sense and knows how to build the best technology strategy of the company and conquer technical challenges facing the company. And a CTO is frequently conceived as a person who can write code well. There are a few arguments about what a CTO needs to do exactly. What do you think a qualified CTO needs to do? Does s/he need to write code? Does s/he need to be a tech guru?

What does it feel to have a programmer dad or mom?

What does it feel to have a programmer dad or mom? Will there be many discussions on technical topics during dinner? Do you want to have a programmer dad or mom?

Should we be worried about the win of AlphaGo?

The biggest event today is the match between AlphaGo(The AI system from Google) ad Lee Sedol. The result of the first match is that AlphaGo defeats Lee Sedol. There will be another four matches in following days. After today's match, many people are happy to see that AlphaGo wins, but many others are worrying about that human beings are defeated by machines. Should we be worried of the win of AlphaGo? Will we be replaced by machines in the future? What's your opinion about AI?
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Why doesn't IBM file legal brief in support of Apple?

Recently the legal case between FBI and Apple over unlocking iPhone as requested by FBI is a very hot topic in tech industry. Many tech giants include Google, Microsoft, Facebook and lots others have expressed their support of Apple by filing legal briefs. But we noticed that IBM is missing in the list of supporters. Do you think why IBM is missing? What is IBM concerning about? Afraid of losing government deals?

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When PM says we can meet the deadline

When PM says we can meet the deadline

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