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How big company CEOs spend their time in work

How big company CEOs spend their time in work

As a company's steer holder, the CEO or founder takes plenty of pressure ordinary people even cannot imagine. They usually need to deal with different aspects of daily operation of a company including technology, business, marketing, public relationship etc. Lots of meetings, negotiations and presentations are waiting for them every day. Hence time is a precious resource for them. Let's take a look at how these CEOs spend their time in their work. 1. Apple CEO Tim Cook Gets up at 3:45 am ...
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Format JSON data on Ubuntu

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JSON now becomes a very popular data format because of its simplicity and light-weight. Nowadays many RESTful APIs will offer a choice of exchanging JSON data between the server and client. Sometimes the data may not be formatted and it cannot be easily read by human beings. It's frequently desired that the unformatted JSON data should be formatted before read. Today we will show a few ways to format JSON data on Ubuntu. Assume we have a json file test.json with below content. { "title": "Test"...

VirtualBox Q&A(Host OS: Windows; Guest OS: Ubuntu)

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This is a Q&A post after sharing Guide for installing Ubuntu in VirtualBox on Windows 1. If the resolution of the installed guest OS on the VirtualBox is too small(For example 640x480) and you cannot adjust it through System Settings -> Display, what should you do? A: In this case, it is mostly probably you don't have the VirtualBox Guest Additions installed. You can install the Guest Additions on your guest OS by: sudo apt-get install virtualbox-guest-dkms Then restart the VM and you wil...

Do you have this kind of comments in your source code?

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Writing runnable code is the essential skill of a programmer, writing understandable comment is also a skill a programmer should acquire. There is some famous saying that bad comment is worth than no comment. Usually your code will be maintained by other people, if you provide them some difficult to understand or misguided comments, this will be nightmare to them. While at some other time, programmers may put some funny comments in their codes which may make others laugh. Today we...

Java AbstractMethodError explained and demonstrated

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According to Oracle Java API documentation, AbstractMethodError is a kind of runtime error where the application is having some incompatible changes which leads to a missing implementation of an abstract method. Below is the official description. Thrown when an application tries to call an abstract method. Normally, this error is caught by the compiler; this error can only occur at run time if the definition of some class has incompatibly changed since the currently executing method was last co...

Be cautious before deciding to use ReactJS in your product

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ReactJS is an open source JavaScript library used for writing user interfaces. It revamps the way developers write web applications. More and more front end developers start to use this Facebook crafted library in their products or projects nowadays. However, although ReactJS is an open source library under BSD license, it doesn't mean there is no risk to freely adopts it in your products. If you are building or plain to build some products which may compete with Facebook or its subsid...

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What does it feel to have a programmer dad or mom?

What does it feel to have a programmer dad or mom? Will there be many discussions on technical topics during dinner? Do you want to have a programmer dad or mom?

Should we be worried about the win of AlphaGo?

The biggest event today is the match between AlphaGo(The AI system from Google) ad Lee Sedol. The result of the first match is that AlphaGo defeats Lee Sedol. There will be another four matches in following days. After today's match, many people are happy to see that AlphaGo wins, but many others are worrying about that human beings are defeated by machines. Should we be worried of the win of AlphaGo? Will we be replaced by machines in the future? What's your opinion about AI?
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Why doesn't IBM file legal brief in support of Apple?

Recently the legal case between FBI and Apple over unlocking iPhone as requested by FBI is a very hot topic in tech industry. Many tech giants include Google, Microsoft, Facebook and lots others have expressed their support of Apple by filing legal briefs. But we noticed that IBM is missing in the list of supporters. Do you think why IBM is missing? What is IBM concerning about? Afraid of losing government deals?

What are the big Internet events in 2015?

2015 is near the end, there are many things happening during the past year. In Internet world, there are big events happening every now and then. For example, the founding of Alphabet, the release of Surface Book etc. What unforgettable memories do you have in 2015? What do you think are the big Internet events in 2015?

Will Elon Musk get into drone business?

Elon Musk is known as a person to change the world in Musk style. He is the owner of SpaceX and Tesla. What he is doing changes the world. At the same time, many other companies are get into the drone business which is considered another area for competition. Facebook, Amazon are big players of drone. Will Elon Musk get into this business someday? What will he do to revolutionize drone business if he enters this area?

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How Android will ruin a day

How Android will ruin a day

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