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Topic guideline

How it works

We will post a hot topic now and then on our site for our users to discuss about. The topic is about some breaking news, hot IT events. You can also suggest topics to us for discussion through our Twitter and our Weibo.

Our registered users can participate in the discussions of the topics we post and they will get support from other users if they have the same opinion with the answer. We don't have downvote mechanism as we believe that everyone's opinion has its own value. We need to show respect to all of our users. If you disagree with what others, you can always discuss with him/her by replying to his/her answer. We thank you for your understanding.


  1. No illegal information is allowed to be posted. For example, sex topics, drugs etc.
  2. Please do not insult others with inappropriate words.
  3. No personal attack is allowed. We want to keep a harmonious community.
  4. No promotion content for some products or any other similar are allowed, i.e, no advertisement links, product promotion answer etc.
  5. Please keep in mind to put meaningful answers which will help others. It's not a chat room here. To be professional.

We hope to build a harmonious community which we can discuss some hot IT topics within a healthy environment. Thank you for your understanding and enjoy.