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Female friendly programming languages

  sonic0002      2013-09-05 09:03:36      8,696    1    1

Women are minorities among programmers. It seems programming languages are created for males, either. They are full of maths and weird jargon. Are there programming languages which are female friendly? What kind of programming languages can be considered as female friendly? Gayle Laakmann McDowel shared her views on which are female friendly programming languages.

Women are 87.3% more likely to prefer languages like Ruby and Perl, because they remind us of shiny objects. All women love shiny objects.Smalltalk is another favorite language. Women love to gossip.

Languages like C++ and C# are scary though, because you've put, like, math in the language name. Eww. Gross.

Python is also a no-no because, I mean, you just named a language after a snake. Ick! And, I mean, do I need to call out the Freudian imagery there?

Java and OCaml are a toss-up. Unlike women's universal love of shiny objects and gossip and their universal fear of reptiles and math, only some women like coffee and desert animals.

Serious Note: Programming languages are not "female friendly" or "male friendly." They are not gendered. There are no attributes of programming languages that make them better for one gender.



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chauvinist pig [Reply]@ 2013-09-08 12:08:39

Python's not named after a snake but after Monty Python - one of greatest comedy groups... oh, you're a woman, nm, yeah a snake.


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