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  10 Best Programming Languages of 2016 You Should Know

The technology is increasing rapidly and with the new technical scenario, the trend of commercial business has taken a new route. Today, more and more business are coming with their own websites. Therefore, creating websites is a must to display the commodities in a more reformative way which will attract the user to buy online. This article uncovers references of various programming language which will help you to build the website of the desired framework i.e. in WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, et...


  What and what not to log while debugging

Log is a critical part of an application. It serves as an eye to the programmer on how the application is working while debugging. Especially for applications running on production environment, if the application encounters problem and the problem cannot be reproduced on other environments, log will be extremely useful. While log is essential, but developers have to log smartly. Because if we don't put log smartly, you may not get what you want while debugging or you may get too m...

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  The Greatest Regex Trick Ever (Simplified)

There is a post which is really hot recently which showcased a best ever regular expression trick. In this post, it provides a trick which can be adapted to situations where one wants to match some patterns desired and exclude the patterns undesired. In simple, the trick is : Pattern not desired | (Pattern desired) Then taking the group 1 match of the capturing group of matched. This group will contain the strings matching the desired patterns. Have to say this trick is really neat and brilliant...


  Maybe we need //Comment comment

Do we need comment in our programs? Depends, if we can write a program which can clearly tell s the reader what the program does, then we had better to avoid unnecessary comments. However, if the program we develop is complex enough and it involves some uncommon logic which needs more explanation, then we have to add comment and make sure the comment we add can correctly tell the readers what we do. The worst scenarios is not you forget or you don't want to add comment, it's that you add comment...

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  A couple of tips for beginning programmers

Whether it is football, quantum physics, a new foreign language or programming, the beginnings are problematic. What is more, no amount of advice can teach you as much as your own experience. Nevertheless, the following tips will help you avoid some mistakes, save your time and develop good programmer habits from the very beginning.Practise logical thinkingAlthough some may laugh at the stereotype of a programmer being a Maths genius, there is no use denying that learning Maths and Logics prepar...


  Something you should know about programming even if you are not a programmer

Out daily life are deeply affected by software and web. More and more people are realizing the importance of software, For example, you want to travel to Brazil for the world cup, right? You should first book the ticket online, when you book the ticket, you should pay for the ticket with your credit card, after successfully booking your ticket, you will get a e-ticket in your mailbox. When you arrive at the airport, your identity information will checked against the immigration database system, ...


  What has Google done on improving programming languages

Google is now becoming the most innovative IT company in the world. Every now and then they would deliver one revolutionary product to us such as Google Glass, Google Fiber, Automatic Mobile Cars etc. All these great products are backed up by the powerful software system built into. Google has used many programming languages to develop these software and they have put much resource in improving the programming languages they use and we use today. What has Google done in improving programming lan...

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  Advice on improving your programming skills

Programming is cool. But behind the scenes it's also difficult for many people. Many people are defeated at the early stage of learning programming. When you are not so familiar with programming, you may find you don't know where to start and what to start with first and where to apply the knowledge. Once you go though the tough period of the learning phase, you will find a whole new world. Below are some advice which can help you improve your programming skills quickly. Write more code.  T...

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