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  How to harness company’s resource?

As an employee, it is no doubt that we should spare no effort to contribute to your employer since it pays us salary. But at the same time, we should also consider how to utilise the company's resource to enrich ourselves. After all, only if we become more competent and brilliant, the company can benefit more from us, and this will be a definitely win-win situation. In this post, I will illuminate how to take advantage of company's "hardware" and "software" resource. (1) “Ha...

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  5 Modern Strategies to Improve Your Hiring Process

Without even a pinch of doubt, the labor market across the globe has turned highly competitive. So, there goes a rat race where the best recruiters vie to hire the most potential candidates. Let's say you need to hire Java developers. Certainly, your hiring challenge would be to find applicants with niche skills. Sadly enough, the traditional hiring methods are detrimental to getting the creme of the talent pool. It's time-consuming and involves a lot of manual and paperwork, wherein there are c...


  What to put on whiteboard during an interview

As a programmer, you may go through different kinds of programming tests while interviewing for jobs. The most famous and difficult one may be the whiteboard test for lots of people. Usually the interviewer will give the candidate an algorithm problem or case study and ask the candidate to implement the algorithm with his/her favorite programming language. The code to be written is not too much but it requires the candidate to thoroughly consider different edge cases. So wha...


  Which Type of IT Career is Best For You?

Considering the growth of the information technology job market, a career in IT is an incredibly smart career move.  A career in IT can mean many things – you can become a network administration, website developer, database specialist, programmer or engineer. The job range is vast and can suit various personalities and levels of technical skill. Having a good insight into those job profiles is key to make the right decision about your career path. Here's a selection of some of the mos...

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  Are NSA engineers better than engieers at Microsoft?

NSA is the US government department which takes care of the information and data security of US. It's said to be one of the largest of U.S. intelligence organizations in terms of personnel and budget. There are many excellent engineers working on information and data security and developing algorithms and software help US government to collect intelligence information from all around the world. Many people may be curious about whether NSA has better engineers than IT companies like Microsoft and...

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  Why choosing Carnegie Mellon over Harvard?

Carnegie Mellon and Harvard are both well-known world class universities. They have attracted lots of students all around the world to apply for. But Carnegie Mellon and Harvard are two different types of universities, they have different focus as well. What drives people to choose Carnegie Mellon over Harvard? Yishan Wong, CEO of Reddit gave his opinion on Quora.  Because you can fail out of Carnegie Mellon.  It's well-known that once you get into Harvard, it's very difficult to fail ...

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  A crazy interview experience

How to be outstanding and get the offer after a job interview? Besides the strong technical background, we may still need some other skills such as how to ask questions during interview. Sometimes you may even do some crazy things. There is one question on Quora which is "What's the craziest thing you ever said (or did) at an interview and still got the job?". Among the answers, one answer is worth to be mentioned, the answer is from Stan Hanks and his answer is liked by 3859 people(As this arti...


  To our youth

Youth is the best period in our life for most of us. We have dreams, passions and energies. We can work day and night for our dreams.We can hang out with friends the whole day. But there will always be a day when we are not young anymore, our youth will pass by. We will not be able to go back to our youth any more. Do you have anything to say about your youth? Recently, a Chinese IT engineer @本座 wrote a short code snippet to describe our youth. Here we share what she writes: public void toO...