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  Why 102 years for Alibaba

In many occasions, Alibaba Group Founder Jack Ma expresses the idea that he wanted Alibaba to be live for 102 years(a strange number). But why 102 years, but not 100 years or some other years?  In an interview conducted by Stanford University, the interviewer, Yahoo Founder Jerry Yang, asked this question why Jack Ma wanted Alibaba to live 102 years. Jack Ma gave his answer to this question. "In China, everybody wanted to make a company last over 100 years. This becomes a slogan, nobody ta...


  Alibaba pays all cash to acquire Youku Tudou

Alibaba announced that it had signed the agreement to acquire "China's YouTube" YouKu Tudou on November 6 Beijing Time. This deal will make Alibaba the leading entertainment and media company in China. The highlight of this deal is that Alibaba will pay all cash. When this acquisition is completed, shareholders from Youku Tudou can get cash with $27.60 per ADS. The board has approved this acquisition and they are asking the shareholders to vote to approve this deal. This deal is expected to be ...

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  Alibaba subreddit has been banned from Reddit

The subreddit of Alibaba, the biggest e-commerce giant in China, has been banned from Reddit.The reason given is that this community has violated the Reddit rules. But no details about what rules are violated given by Reddit. If we now try to access, we will see below page. From the page, it says this subrredit has been banned 6 months ago. It's unknown whether this subreddit was created by Alibaba Group or by some other people. And it's unclear w...

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  10 advice from Jack Ma on success

Jack Ma, the founder and executive chairman of the biggest e-commerce website in China, started his business with $20,000 that his wife and friends helped him raise. He is the first mainland Chinese entrepreneur to appear on the cover of Forbes. He is the richest man in mainland China with net worth of $22.5 billion.  During these years of running Alibaba Group, Jack Ma summarized 10 advice for success, these advice are coming from his experience and mistakes he made. ...


  Jack Ma : Where are you going during the weekends?

Jack Ma, the Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba founder and executive chairman, was reported to show up in a night club named Dragon-i in Hong Kong on 17th August night (Beijing Time).  It became the headline in China soon after this news was reported as many people thought it was quite unusual that a successful and super rich business man like him would show up in night clubs. Jack Ma explained on his Weibo(China's Twitter) on this and he posted a question to people as well which ...


  Jack Ma's interviews during Alibaba's IPO at NYSE

Alibaba has been listed on NYSE on 19 September. It becomes the largest IPO ever in the history of US stock exchange, larger than Facebook then the largest one. And after the trading closed on Friday, its share price closed at $93.89 per share, this makes it the second largest Internet company in the world following Google. Jack Ma, the founder of Alibaba, also becomes the richest person in China with a total wealth of $18.1 billion. He accepted interviews from different media during the IPO. Le...


  Alibaba IPO Live

Alibaba is going to launch its IPO at NYSE on 19th September. This will be the largest IPO in the history of US stock exchange. The opening price of Alibaba share will be $68 and its trade code is "BABA", in Chinese it means father. Alibaba is expected to get around $22 billion investment in its IPO. Want to witness this historic moment? Please join us for the live video from NYSE. Note this live stream is broadcasted with Chinese. We don't find the English source yet. We believe something is ...

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  Alibaba starts IPO procedure

According to Hong Kong East Daily, Alibaba has submitted its IPO application to Hong Kong Stock Exchange. This marks the beginning of Alibaba's IPO procedure. It's expected to be listed in October at the earliest. It's valued as between $80 billion and $100 billion. It may raise $20 billion this round. If Alibaba is listed successfully, this will be the highest fund raising company in HSE's history. There is news that Alibaba will spend $7 billion to buy back the shares owned by Yahoo. Yahoo re...

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