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  When a CA becomes untrustable

Information security has become a vital part of people's life, especially for those people who spend much time online. Tons of data are being transmitted over the internet every second. These data include user ids, passwords, credit card information etc and some of them are sensitive information which needs secure way to transmit. Hence different protocols have been developed including SSL/TLS to encrypt data transmitted over the internet. The core of these security protocols is the certifi...


  Introduction to DTLS(Datagram Transport Layer Security)

Secure communication has become a vital requirement on the Internet. Lots of information transferred through the Internet are sensitive data such as financial transactions, medical information, media streaming etc. To ensure security of data transferred on the Internet, a few secure protocols have been designed including SSL/TLS and IPsec. Many large websites in the world have adopted TLS. Apart from SSL/TLS, there is some other protocol designed to be used in special cases. One of them is ...

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  How Technology Can Prevent Casino Cheating

Cheating has been around as long as gambling itself, which is surely since the dawn on of time. Cheating in casinos, both land based and online, can prove a huge problem, not only for those playing against the cheater, but for the individual casino operators, as well as the industry in its entirety. Preventing cheating makes casino play fairer for all involved, both operators and their clients.Fortunately, in today's day and age, we have excellent, highly developed technology that can assist cas...

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  The war with spam comment

Spam comments are annoying and notorious. They are either malicious data from hackers to exploit the loopholes of the site or advertisements posted by robots. These kinds of comments have their own features and patterns, if we are careful enough, we can find ways to block most of them although it's not so easy. To block the comment with malicious executable codes such as JavaScript, we should remember one rule : never trust user input. So wherever there are user inputs, we need to check the vali...

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  10 notorious computer virus

The history of computer virus is the same as computer history. With more and more powerful computers, virus also are smarter and harder to be detected and killed. They have big impact on data security and system usability. We introduce 10 notorious computer virus in the history. 1. Creeper In 1971, the Creeper virus, an experimental self-replicating program, is written by Bob Thomas at BBN Technologies. Creeper infected DEC PDP-10 computers running the TENEX operating sy...


  Using htpasswd to protect your website in Nginx

We need to build a password protected website frequently such as an internal website within the team, demo website. Here what we are talking about is password protection in Nginx server level instead of application level registration and login. We are going to use Nginx server configuration and htpasswd file to achieve password authentication. The final result looks like below(Different browsers may have different interfaces): If the authentication fails, it will report a HTTP error: 401 Author...


  25 worst passwords in 2012

Weak password is a serious security vulnerability, but the majority of network users still use some universal simple character sequences as the password. SplashData recently announced the world's worst password list in 2012.  "password","123456" and "12345678" are still at top places, while others have varying,  some new passwords like  "welcome" "Jesus" "ninja","mustang"and "password1 "are in the list. With the risk of password loss, SplashData CEO Morgan Slain said we hoped netw...

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  Hide a file in a picture

Sometimes if you want to hide some important files on your computer which you don't want others to see, how would you do that? Find a professional tool? Set password for some folders? Change the file properties to hidden? They are possible, but they may not be so convenient or so secure. Here we share with you how to hide a file in a picture. Prerequisites 1 picture for example : test.jpg 1 test file, for example : test.txt WinRAR Steps Prepare the picture test.jpg and test file test.txt Use ...