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  Data Scientists and Their Harder Skills than Big Data

The field of data science is often confused with that of big data. Data science is an aid to decision makers in a company with a logical approach.  Who is a Data Scientist?  A Data Scientist reviews a huge collection of data(that may extend to a couple of terabytes of disk space or thousands of excel sheets). This humongous chunk of data is not feasible for being handled, sorted and analyzed by a single person. Here we require the help of data science, and most recently, the field of A...

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  How Google Utilizes Big Data for SERP

Google is an expert when it comes to big data. This is evident in their development of various techniques and open source tools which are used by the big data industry professionals. These tools and technique allow Google to sift through millions of different websites and enormous amounts of data in order to provide users with correct answers in a matter of milliseconds. But how does Google accomplish that with such precision? To answer that, we need to focus on the complex activities that go o...

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  Make Big Data Collection Efficient with Hadoop Architecture and Design Tools

Hadoop architecture and design is popular to spread small array of code to large number of computers. That is why big data collection can be made more efficient with hadoop architecture and design. Hadoop is an open source system where you are free to make changes and design new tools according to your business requirement.   Here we will discuss most popular tools under the category Hadoop development and how they are helpful for big projects. Ambari and Hive– When you are designing...


  Spurring the Consumer Feedback Loop with Connected Devices

In a press release from earlier this year, Gartner had predicted that by the year 2018 mobile devices would account for initiating 5% of consumer services cases, registering a marginal rise of 0.02% from 2014. Research shows that most businesses lose around a whopping $83 billion owing to poor consumer services (Source: kissmetrics) in the US alone while globally, the average cost of losing a consumer is $243. It is only viable to think of automating support services as a way to lower the costs ...


  “Experience says it all”- Pentaho ETL Developers’ Comment on the Use of ETL Tools

Since months Pentaho ETL developers have been juggling with three distinct tools- Pentaho DI, SSIS, and PowerShell. Their experience has provided them new perspective on the cons and pros of every tool. In this post, they are sharing their experience with these tools and explain their significance. Before getting started, they first would like to explain ETL in brief and how the tools suits ETL landscape. ETL is Extract Transform Load. Informatica was the initial ETL tool introduced in the mid n...

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