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  Former Microsoft Executive Vice President Qi Lu joins Baidu

Former Microsoft Executive Vice President Qi Lu joined Baidu(The largest search engine in China) on January 1, 2017. Qi will be group president and COO at Baidu. He will be in charge of Baidu's products, technology, sales and marketing and operations. And he will be the second most powerful person in Baidu just behind Robin Li, the founder and CEO of Baidu. At the same time, Robin Li will step away from daily operation of Baidu. In a statement, Robin Li said “Dr. Lu possesses a ...


  3 preconditions for Facebook to enter China

It's well known that Mark Zuckerberg has a big interest in the Chinese market. Recently, the founder of Facebook visited China to attend a development forum held by the Chinese government. Along with the trip, he also paid a trip to some famous places in Beijing such as The Great Wall. He even did a morning run in front of the Tian'an men Square, the symbol of China.  In past few years, Zuckerberg also learned Chinese and read Chinese books, showed his love to the Chinese culture....


  Baidu is in a deadly crisis

In past few days, there was some news about Baidu(China's Google) which put this search engine giant in China in a devastating position. The news is about that the owners of a Tieba(Similar to Google Group) were replaced by a sponsored organization without notifying the original owners. This irritated the original owners of the Tieba and also the public. People are complaining that Baidu is doing something ridiculous and evil. The name of the Tieba group which was sold by Ba...

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  Google will not hold press release in China next week

There is an invitation form spreading around the Chinese internet community which states that Google will hold press release at 1 PM on December 18 (Beijing time). On this press release, Google will announce its return to China and Google China CEO Jony will explain its strategies in China after return. But soon Google China public relation representative said this was a rumor. There is no plan for Google to hold press release next week in China. And there are some apparent suspicious parts ape...

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  China has blocked Wikipedia again

Recently lots of Chinese found they experienced problems while trying to access Wikipedia, the world's largest and most well-known free encyclopedia. It turns out that the notorious Chinese GFW(Great Firewall) is playing the critical role here. It blocks the Chinese version of Wikipedia. The reason why the Chinese version of Wikipedia is blocked is said to be that Wikipedia has changed its default protocol from HTTP to HTTPS. This change made it difficult for the GFW to filter some sensiti...


  Google is returning back to China

It has been five years since Google announced its difficult decision to leave China in 2010. The well known reason was that Google didn't want to conform to China's censorship request on sensitive information. During these five years, many stories happened bbetween these two sides. Things may turn around now as there are a few indications where Google may return back to China at an appropriate time soon. The most convincing indication is that a customized Google play -- Google online shop may a...


  China's search engine war becomes tough

According to CNZZ, the new search engine market share report for August shows that the war of search engine is becoming tough in China. In August, four major players took almost all the search engine market share.  Among these four, Baidu still tops the market share with 63.16 percent, but it experienced a 1.09 percent drop compared to July. In contrast, its main competitor Qihoo continued to inch upwards, Qihoo's market share increased by around one percent compared to July. In the third ...

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  Huateng Ma becomes the richest person in China

On 22 July, Licai Zhoubao, a famous wealth management media in China, released a ranking about Chinese most richest people. In this ranking, Tencent CEO, Huateng Ma for the first time becomes the richest person in China with 46.7 billion RMB(around  $7.6 billion), his wealth was 35.4 billion RMB(around $5.76 billion) last year. That means his wealth increases 11.3 billion RMB($1.84 billion) in one year. In 2012, Tencent Corp had a revenue of 43.9 billion RMB(around $7.15 billion), which inc...

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