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  When will Google be back to China?

There will be news about Google returning back to China every now and then since the search giant left China in 2010. Every sign of change about Google in China will give people big hope on its return. But Chinese are still waiting for the dream to become true though nothing real happen until now. On Thursday, it seems there is "proof" again that Google is going back to China. In the morning, many Chinese noticed that the official Google China weibo(China's Twitter) account uploaded a photo with...


  Former Microsoft Executive Vice President Qi Lu joins Baidu

Former Microsoft Executive Vice President Qi Lu joined Baidu(The largest search engine in China) on January 1, 2017. Qi will be group president and COO at Baidu. He will be in charge of Baidu's products, technology, sales and marketing and operations. And he will be the second most powerful person in Baidu just behind Robin Li, the founder and CEO of Baidu. At the same time, Robin Li will step away from daily operation of Baidu. In a statement, Robin Li said “Dr. Lu possesses a ...


  Baidu is in a deadly crisis

In past few days, there was some news about Baidu(China's Google) which put this search engine giant in China in a devastating position. The news is about that the owners of a Tieba(Similar to Google Group) were replaced by a sponsored organization without notifying the original owners. This irritated the original owners of the Tieba and also the public. People are complaining that Baidu is doing something ridiculous and evil. The name of the Tieba group which was sold by Ba...

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  Baidu may withdraw from NASDAQ

Baidu, the search engine giant in China, may withdraw from NASDAQ some day and then get re-listed on A-shares market in China. This message is conveyed by Robin Li, CEO of Baidu, on a Wednesday(Beijing time) interview. Baidu is now investing heavily on O2O(Online to Offline) service as it is an emerging market where all Internet giants in China are diving in. In addition to its own O2O products, which include delivery service Waimai and deals site Nuomi, it has invested in a number of othe...

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  China's search engine war becomes tough

According to CNZZ, the new search engine market share report for August shows that the war of search engine is becoming tough in China. In August, four major players took almost all the search engine market share.  Among these four, Baidu still tops the market share with 63.16 percent, but it experienced a 1.09 percent drop compared to July. In contrast, its main competitor Qihoo continued to inch upwards, Qihoo's market share increased by around one percent compared to July. In the third ...

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  Focus of Baidu in the future

In addition to the new generation "Baidu ladies", The biggest highlight of the annual meeting of Baidu is undoubtedly the passionate speech delivered by CEO Yanhong Li with a "Zoro" suite. He emphasized four business focus of Baidu in the future, i.e the traditional search, mobile cloud, LBS and international strategy. Although the strategy is clear, but what's more important is that there must be some corresponding products to align with these focus. How will Baidu carry out four key business?...