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  Alibaba launches NASA program

On March 9, the China E-Commerce giant Alibaba held its first internal tech conference in its headquarter Hangzhou. During this conference, Jack Ma, Alibaba founder, announced a new program code named "NASA" which aims to build up technologies serving 2 billion people in next 20 years by forming independent and powerful R&D department. On March 13, Alibaba formerly announced this program to the public. The research area of this program would include machine learning, chi...

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  When will Google be back to China?

There will be news about Google returning back to China every now and then since the search giant left China in 2010. Every sign of change about Google in China will give people big hope on its return. But Chinese are still waiting for the dream to become true though nothing real happen until now. On Thursday, it seems there is "proof" again that Google is going back to China. In the morning, many Chinese noticed that the official Google China weibo(China's Twitter) account uploaded a photo with...


  Former Microsoft Executive Vice President Qi Lu joins Baidu

Former Microsoft Executive Vice President Qi Lu joined Baidu(The largest search engine in China) on January 1, 2017. Qi will be group president and COO at Baidu. He will be in charge of Baidu's products, technology, sales and marketing and operations. And he will be the second most powerful person in Baidu just behind Robin Li, the founder and CEO of Baidu. At the same time, Robin Li will step away from daily operation of Baidu. In a statement, Robin Li said “Dr. Lu possesses a ...


  Yahoo to change name to Altaba and becomes Alibaba's father

Yahoo, one of the most successful Internet giants in later 1990s, is now becoming a company living with selling assets(offices, domain names) and holding the stocks from Alibaba. Its core business which it was proud of has been sold to Verison with $4.8 billion as disclosed in some document submitted to SEC. Now it's starting the process of changing its name to Altaba. After the acquisition, the current Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer will resign from the board. But the company will still keep some val...


  Google CEO Sundar Pichai : Google is open to return to China

At the Code Conference on Wednesday, Google CEO Sundar Pichai expressed his thought on Google's position in China. He expressed the openness of Google to return to China. "Google is in China....But Google Search is not there in China...But personally for me, I care about serving users globally in every corner. I always thought Google is for everyone, that applies to China, too. So wherever possible, we want to be in China to serve Chinese users....If we do it in a right and thoug...


  3 preconditions for Facebook to enter China

It's well known that Mark Zuckerberg has a big interest in the Chinese market. Recently, the founder of Facebook visited China to attend a development forum held by the Chinese government. Along with the trip, he also paid a trip to some famous places in Beijing such as The Great Wall. He even did a morning run in front of the Tian'an men Square, the symbol of China.  In past few years, Zuckerberg also learned Chinese and read Chinese books, showed his love to the Chinese culture....


  Baidu is in a deadly crisis

In past few days, there was some news about Baidu(China's Google) which put this search engine giant in China in a devastating position. The news is about that the owners of a Tieba(Similar to Google Group) were replaced by a sponsored organization without notifying the original owners. This irritated the original owners of the Tieba and also the public. People are complaining that Baidu is doing something ridiculous and evil. The name of the Tieba group which was sold by Ba...

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  Google will not hold press release in China next week

There is an invitation form spreading around the Chinese internet community which states that Google will hold press release at 1 PM on December 18 (Beijing time). On this press release, Google will announce its return to China and Google China CEO Jony will explain its strategies in China after return. But soon Google China public relation representative said this was a rumor. There is no plan for Google to hold press release next week in China. And there are some apparent suspicious parts ape...

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