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  China has blocked Wikipedia again

Recently lots of Chinese found they experienced problems while trying to access Wikipedia, the world's largest and most well-known free encyclopedia. It turns out that the notorious Chinese GFW(Great Firewall) is playing the critical role here. It blocks the Chinese version of Wikipedia. The reason why the Chinese version of Wikipedia is blocked is said to be that Wikipedia has changed its default protocol from HTTP to HTTPS. This change made it difficult for the GFW to filter some sensiti...


  Alibaba pays all cash to acquire Youku Tudou

Alibaba announced that it had signed the agreement to acquire "China's YouTube" YouKu Tudou on November 6 Beijing Time. This deal will make Alibaba the leading entertainment and media company in China. The highlight of this deal is that Alibaba will pay all cash. When this acquisition is completed, shareholders from Youku Tudou can get cash with $27.60 per ADS. The board has approved this acquisition and they are asking the shareholders to vote to approve this deal. This deal is expected to be ...

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  Alibaba subreddit has been banned from Reddit

The subreddit of Alibaba, the biggest e-commerce giant in China, has been banned from Reddit.The reason given is that this community has violated the Reddit rules. But no details about what rules are violated given by Reddit. If we now try to access, we will see below page. From the page, it says this subrredit has been banned 6 months ago. It's unknown whether this subreddit was created by Alibaba Group or by some other people. And it's unclear w...

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  Google is missing in the photo with Chinese president Xi Jinping

Chinese president Xi Jinping has started his formal visit to US on 22nd September. The first stop is Seattle where Microsoft and Amazon headquarters are located. On 23rd September (Wednesday), Xi Jinping attended a forum named "The 8th US-China Internet Industry Forum" in Seattle.  On this forum, president Xi expressed the attitude of Chinese government to Internet. He advocated to build an peaceful, secure, open and collaborative Internet environment so that every country can benefit from ...


  Google is returning back to China

It has been five years since Google announced its difficult decision to leave China in 2010. The well known reason was that Google didn't want to conform to China's censorship request on sensitive information. During these five years, many stories happened bbetween these two sides. Things may turn around now as there are a few indications where Google may return back to China at an appropriate time soon. The most convincing indication is that a customized Google play -- Google online shop may a...


  A collection of color schemes for some famous websites in China

Each website has a color scheme which identifies itself. By looking at one color, we can know which website it is for. These color schemes can be identified from their logos, nav-bars, background etc. We collect some color schemes for some famous Chinese websites. Alibaba (#f90)   Baidu (#0000cc)   Huawei (#e30a12)   HTC (#69b40f)   JD (#c91623)   Renren (#105ba3)   Sina (#e4351e)   Sohu (#fdd000)   Taobao (#ff4400)   Tencent (#0397de)   Tmall (#...

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  Will China surpass United States on innovation?

I had some discussions on whether China would surpass United States on innovation with some entrepreneurs during last weekend's APEC. The conclusion is United Stats has advantages on innovation today, but in the future, China's innovation will be more widespread and successful. For the next 10 years, what advantages do United States and China have? Actually United States has obvious advantages, especially on innovation structure and innovation culture. Technology -- It's undoubted that Unit...


  Is Google still in China?

According to Tencent Tech, data from traffic statistics agency CNZZ shows that Google only ranks fifth in China's search engine market calculating by page views. Its market share is 2.13% in China. and although Baidu is still at the first place, its market share also declined and the its market share is less than 70%. Overall, Google's market share in China drops continuously. At the same time, Baidu also faces competition from other search engines, especially from new entrants Qihoo. Qihoo laun...

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