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  What will the value of Integer.valueOf(127) == Integer.valueOf(127) be in Java?

Do you really understand how Java does the integer comparison? OK, ignore the statements in the post title. What we are interested in is another set of comparison statements. Let's first see below code snippet. public class IntegerComparison { public static void main(String[] args) { Integer a = 127, b = 127; Integer c = 128, d = 128; System.out.println(a == b); System.out.println(c == d); } } What do you think the output will be? Are they both displaying true? You will find out t...

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  How to check which Ohai plugin hangs in chef client run

Ohai plugins are very important components in chef client which aims to provide resource management automation on a server. The data discovered by Ohai plugins are describing the current state of the server and they will be used to maintain the server in a desired state. Each Ohai plugin discovers a specific pierce of information about the server such as cpu, memory, middleware etc. However, there are rare occasions(well I am a bit optimistic here) someone may find that the chef client...


  A plugin to update last_error in Delayed Job

delayed_job is a process based asynchronous task processing gem which can be ran at background. It will fork the specified number of processes to execute the tasks asynchronously. The task status is usually stored in the database so that it can be easily integrated into a Rails application where asynchronous job execution is desired. Normally when a job fails to execute or error occurs, it would save the error into the database with the column last_error. Ideally all these will be handled b...


  Want to be a programmer? Top programming languages that will be result driven in 2017

Programmers are always high in demand in software industry: take any corporate blue chip Software Company India for instance; programmers are playing a pivotal role in company’s business and relevant growth. In that case if you are planning to pursue a programmer’s career and earn fat package, here goes the range of option for your further study. Alternatively, if you are an employer and you want to understand the basic idea of coding, the outline description of popular programming ...


  The basics of Client/Server socket programming

  While Client/Server communication model is ubiquitous nowadays, most of them involve socket programming knowledge. In this post, I will introduce some rudimentary aspects of it: (1) Short/Long-lived TCP connection.Short-lived TCP connection refers to following pattern: Client creates a connection to server; send message, then close the connection. If Client wants to transmit information again, repeat the above steps. Because establishing and destroying TCP s...

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  Use pdb to help understand python program

  As I have mentioned in Why do I need a debugger?: (3) Debugger is a good tool to help you understand code. So when I come across difficulty to understand code in bcc project, I know it is time to resort to pdb, python's debugger, to help me. The thing which confuses me is here: counts = b.get_table("counts") for k, v in sorted(counts.items(), key=lambda counts: counts[1].value): print("%-16x %-26s %8d" % (k.ip, b.ksym(k.ip), v.val...

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  Be careful when running knife vault command

While using Chef, one would frequently use knife commands which are used to manage resources on the Chef server. One can list all nodes, data bags, vault items and many other stuff on the Chef server. In this post, we would cover one command which may need your attention when using it -- knife vault. On Chef server, one can store data to data bags which can be accessed by registered clients. These data bags usually store the data in plain text format. In some cases, one would need to store data ...


  How to maintain a software project?

For a software engineer, at least from my own experience, maintaining an existing software project would take up a considerable amount of time: adding new features, fixing tricky bugs, and so on. In this post, I will share some some tips about how to become a veteran from a novice quickly when facing a new project. (1) Get familiar with the background knowledge of the project. Every software has its own purposes and users: a device driver serves the specified hardware, whilst a SMS gateway helps...

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