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  Some tricks on PHP session

1. Session timeout problem There is a nuance we found with session timing out although the user is still active in the session.  The problem has to do with never modifying the session variable. The GC will clear the session data files based on their last modification time.  Thus if you never modify the session, you simply read from it, then the GC will eventually clean up. To prevent this you need to ensure that your session is modified within the GC delete time.  You can accomp...


  Set PHP session timeout

There are many different discussions about PHP sessions. We may often face some weird issues while handling PHP sessions. Sometimes session is expired earlier than expected. Or sometimes the session is not expired. This introduces many confusions. Today we discuss how to set PHP session timeout correctly today. In php.ini, there are three key parameters which will affect the session timeout. session.gc_maxlifetime, session.gc_probability and session.gc_divisor. session.gc_maxlifetime defined the...

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