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  How big company CEOs spend their time in work

As a company's steer holder, the CEO or founder takes plenty of pressure ordinary people even cannot imagine. They usually need to deal with different aspects of daily operation of a company including technology, business, marketing, public relationship etc. Lots of meetings, negotiations and presentations are waiting for them every day. Hence time is a precious resource for them. Let's take a look at how these CEOs spend their time in their work. 1. Apple CEO Tim Cook Gets up at 3:45 am ...


  5 Great Hacks to Learn Before Launching a Startup

Maybe months or years have gone planning for a startup and finally you are ready to enter into the world of small business.  Excited enough to hit the “Launch” button. As the bulk of your business is good, so the rest of it must be the same. You think like that, right? But hey, you are wrong there. You may be selling the next big thing, but it does not matter until you have frozen your brand name in the niche market and gained a decent amount of credibility. But you can do that...


  Google CEO Sundar Pichai : Google is open to return to China

At the Code Conference on Wednesday, Google CEO Sundar Pichai expressed his thought on Google's position in China. He expressed the openness of Google to return to China. "Google is in China....But Google Search is not there in China...But personally for me, I care about serving users globally in every corner. I always thought Google is for everyone, that applies to China, too. So wherever possible, we want to be in China to serve Chinese users....If we do it in a right and thoug...

933 0 0          GOOGLE CHINA SUNDAR PICHAI CODE CONFERENCE is considered as partially dangerous by Google

Google has a service called Transparency Report which is to examine billions of URLs per day to identify dangerous pages which may trigger downloading of malicious software.  When you search a site, it will give the status of the site and also the safety details of the site if there are potential dangerous pages on the site.  These details will help the site owners to identify the potential issues and fix them as early as possible, Embarrassingly when searching for, it is c...

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  Bing now supports code search

In programmer's daily life, much time is spent on searching Google or StackOverflow for code snippets which can help them understand how the code works. Now there is one more option. Microsoft's Bing now adds a new feature which support code snippet search. With this new feature, you can search code snippet and execute them directly within the search results. For example, if you type "quick sort java", you will see below search result : This feature now supports a few popular programming langua...


  How to Develop a Successful SEO Strategy for Your Startup

SEO is usually viewed as under-the-table formula manipulations and trickery, once actually it’s simply a series of core steps and actions you wish to require, to create your web site rank higher. An economical SEO strategy may be countermined to the subsequent three parts, that create the entire issue look less daunting in spite of everything.   Step 1: On-site Optimization On-site optimization strategy consists of these subsequent elements: Your Content Website Structure Layout of ...

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  Is Singapore a good place for startups?

Singapore is long time being considered as a perfect place for living and investing given its beautiful environment, warmly climate,  well-polished legal system and well-known richness. Its government is relatively young and open-minded. They like to take new challenges and embrace new technologies. It's the first country to open its government data to the world online. Many of you may consider that Singapore would be a perfect place for you to start your next startup. But the tr...

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  3 better and efficent ways of cloud to help content marketing

Content marketing has enlarged in quality over the past year, with around 88% of business-to-business (B2B) firms participating during this marketing stategy and around 90% of customers indicating that custom content is beneficial. Some businesses across industries need staff to send email newsletters, pen web log posts , draft advertisements, write grant proposals and publish white papers. flexibility to form quality content are often an important talent every  jobs However, making and mar...

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