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  Should a startup focus on good user experience or ship something out quickly?

For a startup, there are always arguments about whether to build a good experience or instead ship something workable out quickly. These two seem contradict with each other and it is usually hard to decide for many startup founders. But in order to win over competitors and gain large portion of market shares as soon as possible, founders must think fast and make their life change decisions. So how should we decide whether we should focus on good user experience or we should ship out the product...

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  The story behind Twitter Bootstrap

Bootstrap is a free front end framework used for creating websites and web applications. It contains HTML and CSS-based design templates for typography, forms, buttons, navigation and other interface components, as well as optional JavaScript extensions. It now becomes a very popular front end frameworks for web designers. This framework was developed by Mark Otto and Jacob Thornton at Twitter. Later this framework was open sourced and hosted on GitHub and it now becomes one of the most popular ...

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  Google has done more for the world with ngrams

Data is valuable asset for a company in the Internet world. With data of users, a company can gain lots of benefits. They can push specified ads to users by analyzing user behaviors, they can even sell the data to third parties. Data is very important for a company's success, so some companies will keep their data secret in order to gain advantages over competitors. However, Google seems do it in another way. Google shared their ngrams text corpus publicly, which basically contains valuable info...

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  The worst part working at Google

Google is rated as the best employer to work for in last few years. This is because Google provides not only flexible working environment but also attractive welfare. For the benefits of working at Google, you can find many posts online. However, is there any bad part to work at Google? The answer is YES. There is no perfect company in the world, there are also bad parts working at Google.  The worst part of working at Google, for many people is that they're overqualified for their job. Goo...

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  Measure the improvement of Google search algorithm

On the day of Google's 15th birthday, Google released its new "Hummingbird" search algorithm, this is the first time that Google changes its search algorithm since 2010 after the Caffeine algorithm. It will affect 90% of search results, according to Amit Singhal, Lead of Google Search. Some may be curious about how Google measures the improvement of a new search algorithm. There are many factors need to be considered, for example, accuracy, relevance, search depth etc. According to Amit Singhal...


  Google headquarter : A place of fantasy

Google is considered as the best place to work for by many people. It's famous for providing employees various relaxed work environment and attractive welfare. If you have the chance to visit Google's office or you have watched the movie Internship, you will get to know what it is like to work in Google. However, not everyone has the chance to walk in Google's walkways. So we share with you what Google's work environment is like with some images. Every car park in Google has some rows of electr...


  Welcome the new Google logo

Google today changed their logo, the new logo adopts the flat design with a lighter color scheme. Apart from these, there are no major changes on the font style, character color etc. Old logo New logo Along with the new logo, Google also released a new navigation menu that sits next to the Share and account info. The launcher, which looks just like the app launcher on Chrome OS, brings up an App grid with your favorite Google services. Actually, Google wanted to replace the top black navigati...

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  Why doesn't Google copy successful startup ideas?

Google is definitely one of the largest players in Internet world. It owns the most popular search engine, mobile operating system and mapping service. It not only has huge user base but also is extremely rich. It can copy and create any product that is proven to be successful with its talent pool and money. But why doesn't Google copy those successful startup ideas? Based on the current status quo and culture gene of Google, there are several reasons Google doesn't copy startup ideas. First, Go...

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