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  3 better and efficent ways of cloud to help content marketing

Content marketing has enlarged in quality over the past year, with around 88% of business-to-business (B2B) firms participating during this marketing stategy and around 90% of customers indicating that custom content is beneficial. Some businesses across industries need staff to send email newsletters, pen web log posts , draft advertisements, write grant proposals and publish white papers. flexibility to form quality content are often an important talent every  jobs However, making and mar...

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  What is the Right Length of a Blog Article?

The length of your blog posts can build your website or break it. If you thought that this is a myth then you are wrong. Pleasing the search engines is one of the targets of SEO efforts. However, you have to please your visitors as well. With good traffic then you will get good ranking on the Search Engine Results pages (SERPs). One of the best ways to increase your traffic is to make sure that once a visitor lands on your site then they will come again for more information. The length of your b...


  Why 102 years for Alibaba

In many occasions, Alibaba Group Founder Jack Ma expresses the idea that he wanted Alibaba to be live for 102 years(a strange number). But why 102 years, but not 100 years or some other years?  In an interview conducted by Stanford University, the interviewer, Yahoo Founder Jerry Yang, asked this question why Jack Ma wanted Alibaba to live 102 years. Jack Ma gave his answer to this question. "In China, everybody wanted to make a company last over 100 years. This becomes a slogan, nobody ta...


  Design Trends That Can Help You Boost Ecommerce Sales

Since the beginning of 2016, a considerable growth in the eCommerce sector has been experienced across the globe. There are certain trends that were accepted globally but as liking, preferences and monetary conditions of people vary from region to region, we can say that different places have their own trends when it comes to Ecommerce software solutions. In this blog we have brought to you some of the most significant eCommerce design trends that are lingering around the development world.&nbs...


  Microsoft will drop support of IE8, IE9 and IE10

Microsoft will push the last set of security updates for IE8, IE9 and IE10 next Tuesday(January 12). Thereafter that Microsoft will drop support of these three versions of IE. These are some other old products given up by Microsoft since Windows 7.  IE11 will be the only Internet Explorer supported and Edge will be another star advocated by Microsoft. The good news is you will not get annoying notification from Microsoft anymore to ask you to upgrade your IE. But the bad news users&nb...

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  Developing an eCommerce Website? Here are 4 Things to Keep in Mind

  When it comes to Web development, it is a complicated process. There is a plethora of facets to assess, from performance to user experience. As far as building an eCommerce site is concerned, it is quite a challenging task. Most of the users tend to visit the website in order to gather information about and purchase products. For this reason, a Web Application Development Company tries its best to make this process intuitive and effortless. Besides considering usability, there are some po...

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  Qualities of a great business presentation

When it comes to business, every day in the industry is spent trying to convince someone into buying your brand, your product or services, no doubt you will find yourself making a lot of pitches and presentations for new products, partners and stakeholders among other things. Having great presentation skills is essential to running a successful business and getting as many people believing in your brand as possible. Great presentations have the following qualities Killer slides PowerPoint slides...

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  Alibaba pays all cash to acquire Youku Tudou

Alibaba announced that it had signed the agreement to acquire "China's YouTube" YouKu Tudou on November 6 Beijing Time. This deal will make Alibaba the leading entertainment and media company in China. The highlight of this deal is that Alibaba will pay all cash. When this acquisition is completed, shareholders from Youku Tudou can get cash with $27.60 per ADS. The board has approved this acquisition and they are asking the shareholders to vote to approve this deal. This deal is expected to be ...

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