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  Shortcut keys in Sublime Text 3(Animated demo)

Sublime Text 3 is a light weight code editor which supports lots of languages. It has lots of shortcuts and plugins easing work of programmers. In this post, we will introduce some shortcuts supported in Sublime Text 3 and show how powerful they are. 1. Select sibling matching(equal) word (Ctrl + D) Put the cursor on one word, press Ctrl + D to select the word, then press Ctrl and following by pressing D, it will select next matching word. The number of Ds pressed will mean number of matching wo...


  What to put on whiteboard during an interview

As a programmer, you may go through different kinds of programming tests while interviewing for jobs. The most famous and difficult one may be the whiteboard test for lots of people. Usually the interviewer will give the candidate an algorithm problem or case study and ask the candidate to implement the algorithm with his/her favorite programming language. The code to be written is not too much but it requires the candidate to thoroughly consider different edge cases. So wha...


  Which Type of IT Career is Best For You?

Considering the growth of the information technology job market, a career in IT is an incredibly smart career move.  A career in IT can mean many things – you can become a network administration, website developer, database specialist, programmer or engineer. The job range is vast and can suit various personalities and levels of technical skill. Having a good insight into those job profiles is key to make the right decision about your career path. Here's a selection of some of the mos...

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  A couple of tips for beginning programmers

Whether it is football, quantum physics, a new foreign language or programming, the beginnings are problematic. What is more, no amount of advice can teach you as much as your own experience. Nevertheless, the following tips will help you avoid some mistakes, save your time and develop good programmer habits from the very beginning.Practise logical thinkingAlthough some may laugh at the stereotype of a programmer being a Maths genius, there is no use denying that learning Maths and Logics prepar...


  Time-saving tips Linux users should know

As a programmer or system administrator, we have more chances of working on *nix platforms. It's tough experience when first start use *nix as we need to face a black screen without knowing what's behind it. Now, if we can have some resources to rely on, then we will find the beautify of *nix. They are fast, efficient and most importantly sexy. Below are some great tips for helping Linux users get used to Linux. This list is a bit long. So be patient. To get more information on a command mention...

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  Tips to improve JavaScript efficiency

Writing JavaScript code is tedious and error prone. You not only need to implement the necessary functions, but also need to ensure cross browser compatibility. This often causes the low efficiency of JavaScript developers. Here we recommend 12 tips you can benefit from. 1. Remove array element by index If we want to remove one element in an array, we can use splice. function removeByIndex(arr, index) { arr.splice(index, 1); } test = new Array(); test[0] = ’Apple’; test[1] = &rsq...

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  What's in common between building a startup and having a baby?

Many young people put their dreams into their own startups. Building a startup not only needs your idea, it also takes time and effort. You also need to take the risk of failing. Actually, a startup is just like your own baby, you spend day and night with it, you are excited with its growth. What's in common between building a startup and having a baby? One popular summary is : 1. The conception is the most fun part.2. Then getting the darn thing to take birth is painful3. In the early months an...

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  Best practices of front end optimization

1. Use DocumentFragment or innerHTML to replace complex elements insertion DOM operation on browser is expensive. Although browser performance is improved much, multiple DOM elements insertion is still expensive and will affect the page load speed. Assume we have an ul element on our page, we now want to retrieve a JSON list using AJAX and then update the ul using JavaScript. Usually we may write it as : var list = document.querySelector('ul'); ajaxResult.items.forEach(function(item) { // ...