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  Show Bootstrap tooltip in AngularJS ng-repeat elements

In contemporary web application development, many front-end frameworks have been used to accelerate the speed of development and circumvent browser compatibility issues. Among them, AngularJS and Bootstrap are two frequently used.  AngularJS is a MVC JavaScript framework developed by Google to provide easy synchronization between user view and data model. While Bootstrap is developed by Twitter and it eases the work of designing a simple and concise UI without much manual design work ...


  Remove browse button from input type=file

In Web 2.0 era, many websites will ask the user to upload their avatar when creating their profile. In HTML, the input control we should use is input="file". This is a file control provided by the browser vendor and it should be ran in a sandbox for security consideration. Browsers don't provide ways to choose file from local and upload to the remote server without the input="file" control.  There is one annoying part about the input="file", which is a default button named "Choose File" or...


  When You Should Consider Moving From HTML to WordPress Platform?

No matter, you want to introduce big changes in your HTML website or a minor one, you'll have to make the edits in your site's files and then upload all of them by connecting to your FTP server. Now, this can be a pretty time-consuming and a daunting prospect for business owners who requires to make changes to the site on a regular basis. You should think about moving from your static HTML to some dynamic platform that provides you the flexibility to make the process of content editing become a ...


  HTML Email Guide

Many of us may subscribe to some newsletters to get update about their site or information about a topic such as JavaScript Weekly, we may receive an email every week or every month to know what's happening there. The email we receive is just a simple HTML page but with an Email format called HTML Email. It seems it's simple to write this kind of HTML Email. But the thing is it's not so easy. It takes much effort by just designing an Email template. Whether the HTML Email can be displayed norm...

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  Write high quality JavaScript and CSS with SublimeLinter

SublimeLinter is a plugin for one of the front end editor--Sublime Text, it is used to highlight those syntax not conforming to standard or wrong, it supports JavaScript,CSS,HTML,Java,PHP,Python,Ruby and some more.This article will introduce how to configure SublimeLinter in Windows to validate JavaScript and CSS codes. Preparation Install Sublime Text package control tool : Install SublimeLinter with Sublime Text package control tool :https://gi...


  Write HTML easily with Emmet and Haml

Writing HTML codes is very boring and tedious as it has many tags and it's static. One solution is to use template, filling content based on other's skeleton. One another solution is high speed writing. We can write HTML codes with Emmet and Haml. These two ways have similar functions but with different characteristics. Haml is based on Ruby, so when working on Ruby/Rails projects, we recommend to use Haml, otherwise we recommend to use Emmet. 1. Emmet Emmet is a editor plugin, the official webs...

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  Meta tag in HTML header

In server response, we can use response.setHeader() to set the meta information in header of a HTML page. The usage is response.setHeader(name,context); meta is used to simulate the response header of HTTP protocol in HTML page. It should be put between the <head> and </head> tag. 1. <meta name="Generator" content="" > <!--This is to specify the tool which generates this page such as Microsoft FrontPage 4.0 etc --> 2. <meta name="keywords" content=""> <!-- To tel...

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  Display GIF animation while submitting the web form

Internet appears everywhere in our life. Form as a data gathering component is the must have component in a web app. When the page is submitting data to the server, if it takes a relative long time for the backend server to process the data, then the client users will feel lost while waiting for this if he cannot get any indication about what's happening. They may even reclick the button which will cause the data resubmission. This affects the user experience and also the system performance and ...

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