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  CPI and DPI – Similarity in Difference! Know Your Mouse Today

You can find nobody who hasn’t seen a computer yet! Only a newborn baby possesses the chance to not see a computer in this age of technology. We all have seen computers and an astounding figure of individuals use PC for their personal use as per the report of 2016. Country PC in Use (Million) USA 310.6 China 195.1 Japan 98.1 Germany 71.5 India 57   So, with this growing computer utility, surely people are familiar with its required parts like k...

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  5 tips for selling your software company for maximum value

From the moment you start your software company, you should be developing an exit strategy. While you might have no plans to sell your business, things can go wrong, and you can find yourself in a position with no other option. In this case, having a plan to go to will make the entire process easier. If you do plan on selling, you should be constantly improving your exit strategy as your business evolves in order to ensure you sell your company for maximum value. Selling a software company can ...


  Upcoming Product from Nokia: Nokia 2

With the emergence of telephone, the field of communication has seen a revolution. It was the time when people were able to talk to each other on the phone directly, and the reliance on letters was just reduced. Later entered the cell phones where the users were able to communicate with a phone call or even with SMS. The cell phones made it easy for the users to talk to each other even if they are moving from one place to another. To add value to the cell phones then entered the smartphones to t...

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  Japanese Used Cars-Top Six Myths about Buying One in Russia

With the prices of brand new vehicles steadily increasing. Prospective car owners in Russia have started to move towards buying used vehicles. Being a reliable name in the automobile manufacturing world, Japanese used vehicles are playing a good contribution in fulfilling this increasing demand. Japanese used vehicles have become a major contributor to the overall trade of automotive industry. Keeping this fact in mind, it could be easily assumed that buying one should be a completely hassle-fr...


  OpenLDAP Proxy -- Tricks and tips

Just like other software configuration, there would be issues encountered during the OpenLDAP proxy setup process. In this post, we would try to summarize some of the tricks and tips for OpenLDAP proxy setup. OpenLDAP Version We would always recommend that you install the latest version of the OpenLDAP because they contain the latest features, bug fixes and security patches. You should always refer to the latest release notes for new changes. In case you have used an earlier version of Open...


  OpenLDAP Proxy -- Installation and configuration

After understanding what the configuration would be for an OpenLDAP proxy, it's time to explain the installation of OpenLDAP proxy and how to make it run. In this post, we will cover how to install OpenLDAP proxy both locally and using docker. Local installation The installation is quite easy, there are a few packages to be installed including the ldap server, ldap client and some utilities. Below steps are for CentOS, the instructions for other platforms should be similar with minor differ...


  iPhone App Development: What’s New For Developers In iOS 11

A curiosity ends with the introduction of iOS 11 on 5th of June 2017. It is the next-generation version of iOS. This update takes the best and most advanced operating system and turns it up to 11. But with iOS 11 was released to the public on 19 September 2017 and since then, there have been two distinct updates to iOS 11.02 which fixed the earpiece noise during phone calls; and the major iOS 11.1. iOS 10 was an operating system update that largely ignored the iPad, but Apple made up for it in ...

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  5 Innovative Web Design Trends Startups Should Consider Adopting

Nowadays, every market has the tendency to shift and change on a whim, and it is no different in the world of web design. No one in their right minds has the time to sit and watch the market for possible shifts as it takes up too much time and no one can really predict what’s going to happen so we’re just forced to adapt and improvise. Currently, there are 5 trends that have caused an uproar and have reshaped the online marketplace and are worth looking into. Think Big First an...

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