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  Decision Trees in C#

Decision trees are simple predictive models which map input attributes to a target value using simple conditional rules. Trees are commonly used in problems whose solutions must be readily understandable or explainable by humans, such as in computer-aided diagnostics and credit analysis. Download source code Download sample applications Download the full Accord.NET Framework Introduction Decision Trees give a direct and intuitive way for obtaining the classification of a new instance f...

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  What else is new in C# 5?

The big new feature in C# 5 is asynchronous programming support, which I wrote about last week. However, the C# folks have also slipped in a couple of smaller features and I thought I’d round things out by mentioning those. Method caller information There’s a complete style guide to be written on Writing Enterprisey Code, but one of my favourite “enterprisey” tells, after the use of Visual Basic, is obsessively logging every function you pass through: Function AddTwoNumbers(a As I...

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  10 Reasons Why Visual Basic is Better Than C#

Visual Basic is a better programming language than Visual C#. Who says so? This article! Here are 10 reasons why you should always choose VB over C#. 1 – “Rose is a rose is a rose is a rose” This is a quotation from Gertrude Stein’s 1922 play Geography and Plays. However, the poetry wouldn’t work in C#, because – unforgivably – it’s a cASe-SeNSitIvE language. This is madness! Before I start ranting, let me just acknowledge that case-sensitivity confers one (and only one) ad...


  Slow Datagridview... Oh No!

So we all have been here, I had finished a project using VS2008, implementing  Datagridviews on litterally each and every form of the system. This had been a requirement from the onset as to ensure easy searching,navigation and capturing of data. So the data capture ladies start doing their thing and low and behold the dreaded call... they are unhappy with the speed of the DataGridView. I had to agree with them, the repaint of the and overall perfromance of the grid is ...


  Simple but Interesting Features of VS2010 and C# 4.0

IntroductionVS 2010 and C# 4.0 introduced so many new features. Here in this article, I try to cover some very simple, yet very useful features of both.1. Hiding the Selected Part of CodeMany a times, a situation arises when we want to hide a specified piece of code rather that hiding the entire region. This has become easier in VS 2010. Just select the part of the code that you want to hide and right click selectOutlining -> Hide Selection.Same way like a region code also gets collapsible an...

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