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  6 Promising Ways by Which You Can Enhance the App Testing Process

Now mobile application industry is exploding with application demands more than ever. According to the latest mobile app technology news the integration of mobile application service with enterprise business is main cause app developing companies are booming. But with this tremendous demands, competition heats up in market and clients are impatient to get the results.   This pressure of a deadline and impatient client,  most times becomes a burden to the developing and QA departm...


  5 Amazing Firefox Add-ons That Ensure Superior Software Testing

In this rapidly evolving IT world, quality has become the primary parameter to achieve a niche position. The IT professionals are using an array of advanced software testing tools to ensure an excellent quality of the application. And among this set of highly sophisticated software testing tools and techniques, web browser has emerged as one of the simplest, nicest and affordable means which can be easily used, even on a daily basis for testing life cycle of the application. In fact, there is h...


  Code coverage rate

When doing unit testing, the code coverage rate is often used as the criteria for measuring testing performance, even in some cases code coverage may be used to consider whether the testing task is completed or not. So testers need to spend much time on designing test cases which can cover as many codes as possible. There are advantages and disadvantages about using code coverage rate. First let's check what is code coverage rate: code coverage rate= the degree of code coverage in testing. There...


  Use of log in programming

Usually, The purposes of log are for troubleshooting and displaying program running status. Good log will help us locate the error easier. Many programmers think log in programs is very simple, but it's not an easy task to write log codes to efficiently locate the error. Here we discuss about program log in three aspects: Where to log What to log Log styles to be avoided Where to log 1. When calling external functions When your program is calling some external functions which are not written b...

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  How deep should unit test go?

There is a question on Stackoverflow which says "How deep are your unit tests?". It is asked by a guy named John Nolan. The question is not too new, but what catches me is the Best Answer given by Kent Beck, who is the creator of Extreme programming(XP) and Test Driven Development(TDD). Let's look at the question first. The thing I've found about TDD is that its takes time to get your tests set up and being naturally lazy I always want to write as little code as possible. The first thing I seem ...

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  Testing is not a Feature

I pointed out to someone at work today that PyDev 2.5.0 now offers really cool TDD support. I’m not a huge TDD proponent or anything, but this stirred up a discussion. This guy, let’s call him John, said that “TDD may shorten the time it takes to develop a feature, but sometimes a feature is so urgent we may want to deliver it as quickly as possible and test it later”.Sentences like that make me weep. I tried to explain that without testing, the risk of releasing...


  Testing like the TSA

When developers first discover the wonders of test-driven development, it’s like gaining entrance to a new and better world with less stress and insecurity. It truly is a wonderful experience well worth celebrating. But internalizing the benefits of testing is only the first step to enlightenment. Knowing what not to test is the harder part of the lesson. While as a beginner you shouldn’t worry much about what not to test on day one, you better start picking it up by day two. Humans...

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  What kind of automated testing does Facebook do?

We do several kinds of testing. Some specifics:For our PHP code, we have a suite of a few thousand test classes using the PHPUnit framework. They range in complexity from simple true unit tests to large-scale integration tests that hit our production backend services. The PHPUnit tests are run both by developers as part of their workflow and continuously by an automated test runner on dedicated hardware. Our developer tools automatically use code coverage data to run tests that cover the ...