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  Benefits and Drawback of a Layered Architecture

Most enterprises today are application centric. But the problem with the application is that their database schemas, user interfaces, programming interfaces and object models are tightly coupled and difficult to change. If you want to add a new field to a database table and you’re lucky, the change will reflect through the entire system. But often the change needs to be replicated manually across the entire system. And as applications are difficult to change, adding business rules or proce...


  World leaders who know how to code

World leaders are those people who have extraordinary speaking skills and are a group of very busy people in most people's impression. But among them, there are a few who know how to program as well. Today we are going to summarize some of them. Lee Hsien Loong -- Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, Singapore Prime Minister posted a C++ program about Sudoku which he wrote several years ago. He shared the source code on Google Drive as well.  In 1971, Mr. Lee studied Mathema...


  Use of log in programming

Usually, The purposes of log are for troubleshooting and displaying program running status. Good log will help us locate the error easier. Many programmers think log in programs is very simple, but it's not an easy task to write log codes to efficiently locate the error. Here we discuss about program log in three aspects: Where to log What to log Log styles to be avoided Where to log 1. When calling external functions When your program is calling some external functions which are not written b...

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  The Greatest Developer Fallacy Or The Wisest Words You’ll Ever Hear?

"I will learn it when I need it"! I've heard that phrase a lot over the years; it seems like a highly pragmatic attitude to foster when you're in an industry as fast-paced as software development. On some level it actually IS quite pragmatic, but on another level I am annoyed by the phrase. It has become a mantra for our whole industry which hasn't changed said industry for the better. The problem is this, in the guise of sounding like a wise and practical developer, people use it as an exc...