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  Code coverage rate

When doing unit testing, the code coverage rate is often used as the criteria for measuring testing performance, even in some cases code coverage may be used to consider whether the testing task is completed or not. So testers need to spend much time on designing test cases which can cover as many codes as possible. There are advantages and disadvantages about using code coverage rate. First let's check what is code coverage rate: code coverage rate= the degree of code coverage in testing. There...


  Writing unit tests for legacy code – an open letter to developers I work with

This is an email I sent today to developers who work with me, it is exactly as I wrote it except for project and developer names which I’ve redacted. Dear Developers, S asked me a difficult question today, and I think the answer (which took me a few minutes to arrive at) is worth sharing with all developers, mainly because many of you will surely face the exact same problem especially in [maintenance and enhancement] projects. By now I think it is crystal clear that one of our non-negotia...

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