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  Things to Look for in Microsoft .NET Framework 4.7

The .NET Framework 4.7 is the updated version of the .NET Framework 4.6.2.  It can run along with earlier versions of the .NET Framework. On installation it appears as an update for Microsoft Windows under the Installed Updates item in Control Panel. The improvements in the.NET Framework 4.7 includes: High DPI support for Windows Forms applications on Windows 10 Touch support for WPF applications on Windows 10 Enhanced cryptography support Performance improvements .NET Framework Documenta...

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  You should publish your contributions of Open Source, even it’s not required

Although many Open Source projects don’t require you publish the modifications of them, I still propose you should make the changes open. The reasons are as following: (1) For other people: the out-of-box Open Source projects save your time and money, and you get benefit from them. You should not only take, but also need to give! Only if everyone shares his code, document, or whatever related, the Open Source projects can grow up healthy. (2) For yourself: You release your code can actuall...

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  Handle NXDomain error when resolving IP address in Ruby DNS resolver

In another post, we covered how to resolve SystemStackError when resolving IP address in Ruby. In this post, we would cover another common issue where a NXDomain error is returned when resolving an IP address. The NXDomain error means that the queried domain name does not exist in the DNS. In Ruby, DNS resolver library will use /etc/resolv.conf by default get the name servers to resolve the domain name. There are multiple DNS name servers can be specified in /etc/resolv.conf with below format. ...


  Welcome To The Latest Technology Of This ERA

In the era of 70’s, Hollywood showed us a glimpse of gadgets that we would be having in the 21st century. Here we are! Driving cars without a driver, having one phone in our wrists and another one in our pockets, and what not!? The promises that Hollywood made are eventually coming true. Here is a list of some latest technologies that we have never thought of if we go back to the 70’s and now they are so common. Waterproof Phone Now-a-days people are so addicted to phones that they ...


  Resolve SystemStackError issue when resolving IP address in Ruby

In Ruby, Resolv is the default DNS resolution implementation. It can be used to resolve IP address of a hostname. To use it, one just needs to require 'resolv' in the code. But sometimes, a user would want to check /etc/hosts first or some other mechanisms to resolve an IP address. In this case, one can require 'resolv-replace' and then replace the default DNS resolvers with customized DNS resolvers. For example, using resolv-replace, one would write require 'resolv-replace' Resolv::DefaultResol...

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  Configure static IP for Linux

When a Linux server is running, it has to have an IP so that other machines can talk to it. It is often desired that the server would own a static IP so that every time other machines want to connect to it, the same IP address would be used. This is extremely useful when there are virtual machines installed on a host machine where the virtual machine would start and stop now and then.  To configure static IP address for a Linux server, the /etc/network/interfaces needs to be updated. Assumi...

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  Java Then, Java Now - Looking at the evolution of Java from EE7 to EE9

Java, the programming language developed at Sun Microsystems in the 90s and later acquired by Oracle, is the most common programming environment used today, by developers across the globe. With the diversification of applicability that accompanied the technological boom, Java updates now come as Standard Editions (SE), Enterprise Edition (EE) and Micro Edition (ME). The Java SE contains the core programming logic and platform, used for relatively smaller-scale tasks and academic purposes. Java E...


  How to Become a Successful Web Designer

All web designers walk a thin line between art and business. Their job is to make a business site flourish, generate leads and revenue, yet – it has to represent the company in the best possible light. In order to achieve greatness in the world of web design, you need a lot of patience, hard work, and persistence. Most of the average designers make quite similar sites, limited in certain ways, and they choose to keep to the already tried out technique, but this can come at a cost for any ...

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