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  Jack Ma's interviews during Alibaba's IPO at NYSE

Alibaba has been listed on NYSE on 19 September. It becomes the largest IPO ever in the history of US stock exchange, larger than Facebook then the largest one. And after the trading closed on Friday, its share price closed at $93.89 per share, this makes it the second largest Internet company in the world following Google. Jack Ma, the founder of Alibaba, also becomes the richest person in China with a total wealth of $18.1 billion. He accepted interviews from different media during the IPO. Le...


  Alibaba IPO Live

Alibaba is going to launch its IPO at NYSE on 19th September. This will be the largest IPO in the history of US stock exchange. The opening price of Alibaba share will be $68 and its trade code is "BABA", in Chinese it means father. Alibaba is expected to get around $22 billion investment in its IPO. Want to witness this historic moment? Please join us for the live video from NYSE. Note this live stream is broadcasted with Chinese. We don't find the English source yet. We believe something is ...

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  CRM Approach - A Well Planed Business Strategy Not a Mere Technology

Customer relationship management (CRM) has transitioned and evolved over the last few years.  Its adoption is powered by the rapid growth and popularity of SaaS tools. Too many companies have adopted CRM in order to cater to customers in a better manner and hence build loyalty. However, often implementing CRM does not yield the results as expected. CRM policies turn out to be ineffectual. This happens because, organizations over emphasize on CRM as a technology and undermine its importanc...


  The 9 lines of code of Google

Are you still remembering the then hot debated news about Oracle suing Google allegedly copying a small portion of codes from Oracle's Java in 2010. At that time, Oracle experts estimated that Google owes Oracle between $1.4 billion and $6 billion in damages if liable. But the court thought Oracle was eligible only for statutory damages for that copying, which were not expected to exceed a few hundred thousand dollars. At last, Oracle agreed the zero damage result. Are you curious about whi...

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  C++ and Java over Python in Google products

In Google, most of the products are written in C++ and Java. They usually don't choose Python to write their product stack. What's behind the decision to choose one language over the other in Google? Let's get to read some opinions from Robert Love, a Google software engineer. Love said he couldn't imagine writing let alone maintaining a large software stack in Python. They use C++, Go, and Java for production software systems, with Python employed for scripting, testing, and tooling.There are a...

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  Will Weibo's IPO be a success?

The Chinese version of Twitter -- Weibo is going to launch its IPO today on NASDAQ. The stock code is "WB" and its target price per share is set to $17. The total funds it's going to raise is around $328.44 million. Weibo claims it's the first Chinese SNS media to be listed on NASDAQ. Goldman Sachs and Credit Suisse are the joint lead underwriter of the IPO. They have gained one option from Weibo for validity of 30 days to buy 2.52 million shares of ADS. One interesting thing is Goldman Sachs ...

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  What has Google done on improving programming languages

Google is now becoming the most innovative IT company in the world. Every now and then they would deliver one revolutionary product to us such as Google Glass, Google Fiber, Automatic Mobile Cars etc. All these great products are backed up by the powerful software system built into. Google has used many programming languages to develop these software and they have put much resource in improving the programming languages they use and we use today. What has Google done in improving programming lan...

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  Will IBM fall?

IBM has over 100 year's history and it faced many tough challenges along the way but every time it came back successfully. This time its revenue dropped 6 quarters consecutively, with the popularity of cloud computing and big data, IBM seems lag behind and is heavily hit by the storm. Its current technologies are only suitable for serving traditional companies 15 years ago but not companies now. Can IBM go though this challenge and come back again? It seems IBM doesn't want to be left out. Th...