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  The history of the name Google

Google now is known almost by everyone who has internet access. It's the most frequently accessed search engine around the world and it provides fast speed and high quality search results. While you are using Google, have you ever wondered how the name Google comes? According to Steven Levy, the author of the book In The Plex: How Google Thinks, Works, and Shapes Our Lives. The original name for the project was named BackRub and was coded by Sergey Brin. He was thinking that web pages made thei...


  Unix directory hierarchy history

As a beginner user of Unix or Linux, people would frequently get confused about the use of different directories of the system.  For example, there is a /bin directory under root(/), it is used to store binary files. However, there are /usr/bin and /usr/local/bin under /usr which are used for storing binary files as well. Some systems even have /opt/bin. What are the differences among them? Though there are articles explaining different directories in *nix such as Filesystem Hierarchy Stan...


  Why Microsoft chooses Alt+F4 to close a window

For a long time, there is a doubt among lots of Windows users especially those English speaking users, that is why Microsoft chooses Alt+F4 to close a window instead of Alt+Q. Alt+Q is more comfortable to press for many keyboards, also Q represents Quit and it is easier for people to understand. Recently Microsoft answered this doubt. Raymond Chen, longtime Microsoft developer and semi-official Windows historian, said the reason is that not everyone speaks English. It d...


  Early homepages of some famous websites

Are you curious about what are their early homepages like for some famous IT companies? Let's take a look at them now. 1. Google This page was relative concise at that time. The current Google homepage is more concise. 2. Facebook It went online on 4th Feb, 2004. This was its homepage in 2004 3. YouTube It went online on 15th Feb, 2005. Until 22nd April, the first video clip was uploaded. 4. Wikipedia It emphasizes on free content and collaborative editing. It also supports many languages. 5...


  The story behind Sublime Text

Sublime Text is a cross-platform text and source code editor, with a Python application programming interface (API). The graphical user interface design was inspired by Vim.Its functionality is also extendable with plugins; Post its release, it gained much attention and wide popularity. Do you know what's the story behind Sublime Text? Jon Skinner left his job as a software engineer at Google in order to pursue a dream: to build a better text editor. The end result is the popular Sublime Text t...


  Interesting Hello World

Hello world is the beginning of everything. When you first learn a new programming language, the first program you write is to print the "Hello world" string on the console with that language. For example: So who invented "Hello world"? It's Brian Kernighan, a canadian computer scientist and author of The C Programming Language and The Unix Programming Environment. In his books, he used to write "Hello world" which changed the whole world. Also programmers like to use foo and bar as variable n...

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  Those famous Emacs users

I don't think using Emacs can improve one's programming skills, I don't think some famous people used Emacs before can provide something, either. But these famous people encouraged me to learn Emacs when I wanted to give it up. Here I created a list of famous Emacs users. Most of people in this list are not famous because they developed or used Emacs, but they are famous and also use Emacs. Joe Armstrong -- Erlang's author In The Setup, Joe mentioned that "I write books using XML markup in emacs...

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  Do IE developers feel guilty?

IE won the browser war before Chrome appeared with the help of anti-competitive practices. But with the appearance of more and more easy-to-use and fast browsers, people start to hate IE and leave IE. It seems IE is not a product of modern age. Do IE developers feel guilty about this? Everything is contextual. The browser that most people hate today is IE6, which, at the time was one of the best browsers on the planet (it didn't win the Browser Wars, Round One, by accident). It was built on "int...

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