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  5 Great Hacks to Learn Before Launching a Startup

Maybe months or years have gone planning for a startup and finally you are ready to enter into the world of small business.  Excited enough to hit the “Launch” button. As the bulk of your business is good, so the rest of it must be the same. You think like that, right? But hey, you are wrong there. You may be selling the next big thing, but it does not matter until you have frozen your brand name in the niche market and gained a decent amount of credibility. But you can do that...


  Is Singapore a good place for startups?

Singapore is long time being considered as a perfect place for living and investing given its beautiful environment, warmly climate,  well-polished legal system and well-known richness. Its government is relatively young and open-minded. They like to take new challenges and embrace new technologies. It's the first country to open its government data to the world online. Many of you may consider that Singapore would be a perfect place for you to start your next startup. But the tr...

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  Jackie the smart quadcopter to launch at Robotics Week

Flying security camera synced to smartphone kicks off Kickstarter campaign Entrepreneurs and robotics graduate students Jackie Wu and Ritwik Ummalaneni, in Northwestern University’s Master’s in Robotics program, are launching their new product, Jackie, during the National Robotics Week. The flying security camera quadcopter syncs straight to a smartphone, and is the next evolution in home security platforms that consumers have been waiting for. Jackie’s intuitive and easy controls enable u...


  Should a startup focus on good user experience or ship something out quickly?

For a startup, there are always arguments about whether to build a good experience or instead ship something workable out quickly. These two seem contradict with each other and it is usually hard to decide for many startup founders. But in order to win over competitors and gain large portion of market shares as soon as possible, founders must think fast and make their life change decisions. So how should we decide whether we should focus on good user experience or we should ship out the product...


  Why doesn't Google copy successful startup ideas?

Google is definitely one of the largest players in Internet world. It owns the most popular search engine, mobile operating system and mapping service. It not only has huge user base but also is extremely rich. It can copy and create any product that is proven to be successful with its talent pool and money. But why doesn't Google copy those successful startup ideas? Based on the current status quo and culture gene of Google, there are several reasons Google doesn't copy startup ideas. First, Go...

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  What's in common between building a startup and having a baby?

Many young people put their dreams into their own startups. Building a startup not only needs your idea, it also takes time and effort. You also need to take the risk of failing. Actually, a startup is just like your own baby, you spend day and night with it, you are excited with its growth. What's in common between building a startup and having a baby? One popular summary is : 1. The conception is the most fun part.2. Then getting the darn thing to take birth is painful3. In the early months an...

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  6 time management tips for startups

Many people are fighting for their startups, they are willing to put all their time in company operations. This 24x7 passion is necessary for startup founders. For the team in startups, the most important thing is time management, time management is a top challenge for everyentrepreneur. After years of experience working with entrepreneurs and business owners, Rieva Lesonsky has  learned a few tricks for getting more done in the 24 hours we all have. Here are 6 tips what he shared...


  Silicon Valley won’t dominate the tech world forever

Yesterday  I published a piece about Newry in Northern Ireland, which is looking to help boost its economy by encouraging a startup ecosystem. A little later, a post entitled ‘You will not be the next Silicon Valley, please stop trying‘ appeared over on Pando Daily, in which the author decided pull a bunch of Irish stereotypes out of the bag to attack the idea. Now, I could detail everything that’s wrong with the article, but the comments there do a perfect job of ripping it apart. ...