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  3 meanings of Stack

We may frequently see stack when we read programming books. But many times we may be confused about the different meanings of it. This term actually has three common meanings. Here we explain the three different meanings of Stack in programming. 1. Data structure The first meaning of Stack defines a method for storing data. Its feature is LIFO9Last In First Out). In this data structure, data are accumulated level by level. The data last put in is added at the top of the stack. When using the dat...


  Advice on improving your programming skills

Programming is cool. But behind the scenes it's also difficult for many people. Many people are defeated at the early stage of learning programming. When you are not so familiar with programming, you may find you don't know where to start and what to start with first and where to apply the knowledge. Once you go though the tough period of the learning phase, you will find a whole new world. Below are some advice which can help you improve your programming skills quickly. Write more code.  T...

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  Disgusting programming language list

To avoid arguments among different programming languages, this ranking only covers the opinions from programmers with multi-language experience. Also it doesn't mean the language is not good if the language is on the list, it just means those developers don't like some features of the language. Below ranking is summarized from Quora态Stack Overflow and Hacker News. 10. Python Reason : It uses code indent to define block level scope, why not use curly braces? It also uses massive colons and unde...


  Computer skills one can learn within one day

Computer related technical skills are usually thought as complicated and difficult to understand. It's very difficult for one to get hands on one skill or master one skill. But if you really do want to learn something useful within one day, there are some good choices which will not take too long to get to know and use.. Version control:- Git, GitHub and SVN Regular expressions AWK sed Grep Learn how to do things with Vim that you never knew could be done. Set up a crawler that can scrape some ...

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  Female friendly programming languages

Women are minorities among programmers. It seems programming languages are created for males, either. They are full of maths and weird jargon. Are there programming languages which are female friendly? What kind of programming languages can be considered as female friendly? Gayle Laakmann McDowel shared her views on which are female friendly programming languages. Women are 87.3% more likely to prefer languages like Ruby and Perl, because they remind us of shiny objects. All women love shiny ob...

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  Interesting Hello World

Hello world is the beginning of everything. When you first learn a new programming language, the first program you write is to print the "Hello world" string on the console with that language. For example: So who invented "Hello world"? It's Brian Kernighan, a canadian computer scientist and author of The C Programming Language and The Unix Programming Environment. In his books, he used to write "Hello world" which changed the whole world. Also programmers like to use foo and bar as variable n...

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  Data as code

What is a good command line parser API? A good command line parser should consider below 5 aspects: Support convenient help information generation Support sub commands, for example, git has push,pull,commit sub commands. Support single character option, word option, flag option and option with parameter. Support default option, for example, if no -port is set, set it as 5037 Support usage model, for example, tar's -c and -x is mutually exclusive, they belong to different usage models. Here are...

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  Concurrency vs Parallelism

Concurrency and parallelism are two related concepts which deal with executing tasks "simultaneously". From Sun's Multithreaded Programming Guide: Concurrency: A condition that exists when at least two threads are making progress. A more generalized form of parallelism that can include time-slicing as a form of virtual parallelism. Parallelism: A condition that arises when at least two threads are executing simultaneously. These two definitions are too formal to be understood easily. On t...