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  Polymorphism in OOP programming

Polymorphism is the capability of an action or method to do different things based on the object that it is acting upon. This is the third basic principle of object oriented programming. Overloading, overriding and dynamic method binding are three types of polymorphism. Overloaded methods are methods with the same name signature but either a different number of parameters or different types in the parameter list. For example 'spinning' a num...


  Is working experience really so important?

When I browse the recruiting information in the website, I always see the following requirements:"The candidate must have more than 3 years experience in C++ programming" or "The candidate must have more than 3 years experience in iOS development". I would like to ask the recruiter:"Is working experience really so important?" In my opinion, the working experience is not a good measurement to decide whether a candidate is fit or not, and use this rule just like using the lines of code to judge th...

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  Maybe we need //Comment comment

Do we need comment in our programs? Depends, if we can write a program which can clearly tell s the reader what the program does, then we had better to avoid unnecessary comments. However, if the program we develop is complex enough and it involves some uncommon logic which needs more explanation, then we have to add comment and make sure the comment we add can correctly tell the readers what we do. The worst scenarios is not you forget or you don't want to add comment, it's that you add comment...

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  A couple of tips for beginning programmers

Whether it is football, quantum physics, a new foreign language or programming, the beginnings are problematic. What is more, no amount of advice can teach you as much as your own experience. Nevertheless, the following tips will help you avoid some mistakes, save your time and develop good programmer habits from the very beginning.Practise logical thinkingAlthough some may laugh at the stereotype of a programmer being a Maths genius, there is no use denying that learning Maths and Logics prepar...


  Do we need other languages other than C and C++?

There were hundreds of or thousands of programming languages created since the invention of computer. All these languages have the same target which is to make the computer do what we want it do. So we may find that many languages have the same functions, i.e, one task can be completed by one language can be completed by another language as well. Now we may wonder why we need so many different languages. Can we just have C or C++ since they provide the best performance we need. The answer obviou...


  Something you should know about programming even if you are not a programmer

Out daily life are deeply affected by software and web. More and more people are realizing the importance of software, For example, you want to travel to Brazil for the world cup, right? You should first book the ticket online, when you book the ticket, you should pay for the ticket with your credit card, after successfully booking your ticket, you will get a e-ticket in your mailbox. When you arrive at the airport, your identity information will checked against the immigration database system, ...


  Practice of using spinlock instead of mutex

Spinlock and mutex are two important concepts in multithreading programs. They are used to lock some shared resource to prevent concurrent access which may affect data consistency. But they do have differences, what are the differences? when should we use spinlock instead of mutex? The Theory In theory, when a thread tries to lock a mutex and it does not succeed, because the mutex is already locked, it will go to sleep, immediately allowing another thread to run. It will continue to sleep until...


  You know what UTF-8 is when you see it?

When we are coding we may often see some encoding specifications in our source codes such as UTF-8,GB2312. Do you know what these encoding mean and why we need them? In this post, Julián Solórzano will introduce the most widely used encoding specification around the world accomodating all different character sets in the world. UTF-8 is a method for encoding Unicode characters using 8-bit sequences. Unicode is a standard for representing a great variety of characters from many ...

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