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  4 types of programmers

Not every one who writes code is a programmer. Programmers are people who live with programming. There are 4 types of programmers: scientist, coder, expert and artisan.Scientist, they are more like mathematicians rather than programmers. They invented various theories, algorithms and terminologies. Proofs and calculations in textbooks are all from these people. Moreover other programmers more or less benefit from their work. Sometimes one paper published by them can change the way of thinking of...

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  Does CEO of a tech company need to know programming?

For tech startups, there are usually only a few people at their early stage. To complete all the coding work in a short period time, it often requires that every one of the team including the CEO knows something about programming so that they can help complete the tense work as soon as possible. But does the CEO of other tech companies also need to know programming? As the CEO of a company, it's not necessary that they have to know about programming. The main job of CEO is to coordinate all the ...

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  Simple explanation about process and thread

Process and thread are two basic concepts of operating system, but they are a bit abstract which cannot be  mastered easily. There is an analogy which explains these concepts very well. 1. The kernel of the computer is CPU, it handles all the computing tasks, it's like a factory and will run all the time. 2. Assume there is power limitation for the factory, it can only supply to one unit once,i.e, when one unit is working, other units must stop and wait. The meaning behind this is that eac...


  Should we use Abstract class or Interface?

When we write programs, we may often get into a situation where we don't know whether we should use Abstract class or Interface when we want to define an abstract object. These two are very similar and they are interchangeable in many cases. On Stackoverflow, this question is asked lots of times and it's related to many programming languages. Also in the official documentation of PHP regarding the Abstract class and Interface, people are arguing about this. To understand this question, their dif...


  How to be an excellent programmer

To use a programming language is very easy for a programmer, but it's a dream for many programmers to be an expert software developer. There are five levels of programmers: Novice, Senior novice, competent, proficient, and expert. Most programmers are senior novice. And programmer living in this level are a lot of people who have 1 to 10 years work experience.As a programmer, how to find the bottlenecks for your improvement and how to improve yourself quickly? This is really not an easy question...

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  Some useful code editors for developers

A good code editor will save developers much work. It can help developers find syntax errors easily through code highlight capability. It also makes the code more readable and maintainable through the indentation. Here we recommend some excellent code editors which you may want to have a try. Compilr Compilr is an online IDE, it supports 8 languages as of now including : C, C++,C#,Java,JavaScript,PHP ,Python,Ruby and Visual Basic. Compilr is developed by Ninjia Otter Inc in Canada. CodeMirrow C...


  20 bit operations programmers should know

While talking about bit operation, programmers usually think about its efficiency. In embedded programming and system core optimization, appropriate use of bit operations is always a fascinating. When finding a job, it will help you a lot if you use bit operations when writing codes. Mastering simple bit arithmetic skills is necessary. 1. Get maximum int value int getMaxInt(){           return (1 << 31) - 1;//...

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  How small should a function be?

"The well-designed functions are often relatively small, large function design is often a mess or there is a lot of room for optimization."Maybe you think there is no need to discuss the size of functions, because the nature of the function design is cohesive, its size is only its manifestations. But it is necessary to discuss about the size of function because the statement above .First let's understand the concept of minimum code processing unit : a basic operation (assignment, comparison, etc...