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  The 10 most expensive domains on the Internet

Domain name is the name which we usually type on the web browser address bar. For example, we may type on the address bar, here is the domain name. Can you imagine that this domain is worth millions of dollars? We believe that most domains are initially for starting related business and easy for users to remember. But with the popularity of the business, some of the domains become valuable and they are more expensive than some small companies. Below are some mo...

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  AOL is the biggest winner of Internet Stocks in 2012

At the beginning of 2012, not many people would think that the best Internet stock is AOL(American Online) in 2012. But now there are only four trading days left in 2012, AOL leads the mainstream technology companies with a 99.8% increase in its share price and firmly sits on the throne of the Year Internet Stock. AllthingsD chooses ten technology companies and their stock market performance in 2012 to do a comparison and gets the above figure. AOL has a 99.8% increase in share price which is a...

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  When can Chinese buy fresh food online?

Farmigo is an online agricultural marketing platform. Farmers can post their own products, people can directly purchase their favorite ingredients on it. Farmigo promises that fresh ingredients will be sent to the designated location within 48 hours, but the price is 20-30% cheaper than the supermarket.In other words, Farmigo itself does not sell agricultural products, it just plays a platform intermediary role. Their advantages to attract consumers are fresh ingredients supply, home delivery a...


  Groupon share price grows by 23% because of Google

There have been rumors that Google will acquire Groupon. This rumor makes Groupon's share price soar 23% in three weeks.Groupon's share price closed at $4.69 yesterday, which is Groupon's highest price since October 19. Since November 2011 IPO, Groupon's share price dropped 77%.Telsey Advisory Group analyst Tom Forte said Groupon's market capitalization shrunk to $3.07 billion, It's possible that Google may choose to acquire Groupon at this time. In fact, after there was news that Google was con...


  Why cannot Renren be China's Facebook?

Yizhou Chen, CEO of China's SNS community Renren, shouted "one war, three battles". We do not know now how the battle progresses. Currently Renren's net market value is $1.3 billion where 900 million of them are in cash, it means the market values Renren 400 million US dollars only which is far lower than Facebook. Why cannot Renren be China's Facebook? This is a very interesting topic, many users share their opinions, Some of the main points are summarized as follows:Facebook pay more attentio...

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  Time Warner invests on Maker Studios

According to ATD, the start-up Maker Studios which specializes in the creation and distribution of YouTube video clips, will get a $40 million investment from investors where media giant Time Warmer is the lead investor.Maker Studios is an video clip creation and distribution of start-up headquartered in Los Angeles. According to its website, this media company's mission is to act as a bridge between YouTube and TV institutions. The program subscribers on YouTube over 80 million, over one billi...


  9 fields platform companies need to fight for

If you are person reading technology news much, you will find a large part of the tech news are about a few companies : Apple, Google, Facebook, Amazon and Microsoft, in which the first four are today's "Big Four (platform)" as said by Google Chairman Eric Schmidt. These giants have both competition and cooperation in many areas, and each has its own place in the world, with Schmidt's words, Google dominates search, Apple designs device, Amazon occupies e-commerce and Facebook leads social. Alth...


  Samsung loses $12.3 billion in one day

Following the court decision last Friday on Samsung's infringement of Apple's patents, Apple did not stop, they immediately submitted an application to the court to ban some Samsung smartphones, including 8 types of Samsung smartphones sold in United States. Apple listed in detail in the document what patents these phones infringed. These 8 smartphones are: Galaxy S 4G Galaxy S2 (AT&T) Galaxy S2 (Skyrocket) Galaxy S2 (T-Mobile) Galaxy S2 Epic 4G Galaxy S Showcase Droid Charge Galaxy Prevail...