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  3 reasons why Alibaba invests on Sina Weibo

Last night, Alibaba announced acquisition of 18% shares of Sina Weibo with $586 million, according to sources close to the deal, after the completion of this deal, Alibaba will become the second largest shareholder of Sina Weibo and may become the largest shareholder in the future.This deal was supposed to be completed before Chinese Spring Festival, but because Alibaba and Sina had a heated argument about the share holding of Sina Weibo which resulted in substantial delay in the time to complet...

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  One minute to understand earnings report of IT giants in last quarter

According to Sohu IT, if you want to know the operating status of a listed technology company, then the company's quarterly earnings report should not be missed. Now it's time for companies to release earnings report for last quarter, a few large IT giants in United States have announced the previous quarter's earnings. But many ordinary readers are not interested in those professional reports with a lot of finance jargon, so we extracted and summarized some important information from Yahoo, Goo...


  E-commerce "Whampoa Military Academy" in Guangdong

There are five projects being initiated this year in Guangdong Province to help the young graduates to find jobs or become entrepreneurs, such as providing more internship opportunities to university graduates and setting up total 200 million amount loans to help starting their own business. Among all the announced plans, the “Youth E-Business Elite Plan” attracts the most attention. This plan relies on Taobao University of Guangdong Youth College to train various e-commerce talents...

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  Only 4G can resolve the conflicts between China Telecom Carriers and WeChat ?

Why WeChat has made the three big Chinese telecom companies uncomfortable? Let's analyze from both technical and commercial levels. From a technical point of view, Mr. Huang, Dean of China Mobile Research Institute, described the impact of "always online service" applications like WeChat. Instead of using technical terms, we will explain in simple vivid phrases. First, mobile QQ, or WeChat, will have their own "request frequency". These requests are sent to the carrier network, to check the re...

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  Focus of Baidu in the future

In addition to the new generation "Baidu ladies", The biggest highlight of the annual meeting of Baidu is undoubtedly the passionate speech delivered by CEO Yanhong Li with a "Zoro" suite. He emphasized four business focus of Baidu in the future, i.e the traditional search, mobile cloud, LBS and international strategy. Although the strategy is clear, but what's more important is that there must be some corresponding products to align with these focus. How will Baidu carry out four key business?...


  Qihoo 360 confirms the cooperation with Google

Affected by the news that Qihoo 360 would cooperate with Google, Qihoo 360 and Baidu are treated differently in capital market at the beginning of 2013. Analysts have high expectations on Qihoo 360 and increase its performance expectations for fiscal year 2013, while Baidu suffered price target downgrades.According to Sina technology news, Qihoo 360 confirmed this news to ZDNet, but they refused to disclose more details. According to Qihoo 360, there is some kind of cooperation existed between ...

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  The 10 most expensive domains on the Internet

Domain name is the name which we usually type on the web browser address bar. For example, we may type on the address bar, here is the domain name. Can you imagine that this domain is worth millions of dollars? We believe that most domains are initially for starting related business and easy for users to remember. But with the popularity of the business, some of the domains become valuable and they are more expensive than some small companies. Below are some mo...

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  AOL is the biggest winner of Internet Stocks in 2012

At the beginning of 2012, not many people would think that the best Internet stock is AOL(American Online) in 2012. But now there are only four trading days left in 2012, AOL leads the mainstream technology companies with a 99.8% increase in its share price and firmly sits on the throne of the Year Internet Stock. AllthingsD chooses ten technology companies and their stock market performance in 2012 to do a comparison and gets the above figure. AOL has a 99.8% increase in share price which is a...

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