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  Qualities of a great business presentation

When it comes to business, every day in the industry is spent trying to convince someone into buying your brand, your product or services, no doubt you will find yourself making a lot of pitches and presentations for new products, partners and stakeholders among other things. Having great presentation skills is essential to running a successful business and getting as many people believing in your brand as possible. Great presentations have the following qualities Killer slides PowerPoint slides...

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  A Quick Look at the Services Offered by RDBMs vs. NoSQL

The world of IT has to deal with the issue of data storage. The reason for this is that there is plenty of data produced and created daily on the internet and on various business applications. In the past, RDBMs or Relational Database Management Systems were used for storage. Even though they are still used today, there are other offerings that present competition and anyone wishing to purchase data storage systems needs to make comparisons.  One such competing system is NoSQL or Not Only ...


  Baidu may withdraw from NASDAQ

Baidu, the search engine giant in China, may withdraw from NASDAQ some day and then get re-listed on A-shares market in China. This message is conveyed by Robin Li, CEO of Baidu, on a Wednesday(Beijing time) interview. Baidu is now investing heavily on O2O(Online to Offline) service as it is an emerging market where all Internet giants in China are diving in. In addition to its own O2O products, which include delivery service Waimai and deals site Nuomi, it has invested in a number of othe...

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  The Art (and Science) of Consumer Experience

According to a new report on e-commerce spending and earning by eMarketer, global retail sales are set to touch $22.492 trillion in 2015, with a forecast for a steady rise over the next 3 years, i.e, until 2018. Over the years, online commerce conducted via the smartphone, tablet or even the desktop devices have steadily increased, owing to the increasing adoption of mobile devices. With more than 80% consumers accessing their mobile devices to compare products, redeem coupons or make purchases,...


  What makes a great IT project manager

Since IT project management is a field in constant flux, there's no one universal definition of a great IT project manager. Still, there are some skills and features that can be easily adapted to any working environment, meeting new organizational needs and consequent challenges. A significant problem is the fact that project manager will mean different things to different people (even within the same organization!). Some say that the greatest IT project managers are those who are able to balanc...

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  How to organize a successful technical party?

Since last year, I began to take part in some technical parties. Some are held very successful, while some seem not. In this article, I will share ideas about how to organize a successful technical party and use Golang programming language as an example. To hold a party, there must have been a stable user group first. According to the number of user, there may need a committee or a president, and the job of the organizer is searching for the sponsors, selecting the topics, etc. Although there ha...

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  5 essential job search tips for web designers

Being a web designer is about many things – an in-depth technical knowledge, a flair for great aesthetics and excellent communication skills. Even if it sounds complex (and perhaps precisely because it does), the job can be immensely rewarding and creatively stimulating. How to break in and go straight for success in this profession? Here are 5 essential tips for getting lots of web design work. 1. Develop technical skills that matter Before you enter the job market, you'll need to have a ...


  The Giant Mafia

There is an old Chinese saying "Things of a kind come together. People of a mind fall into the same group.". In the wave of Web 2.0, there are many emerging IT giants coming out the world. And many of them are founded by a group of people who previously worked together at the same company such as PayPal and Facebook. This is called giant mafia. Let's see what people from the big IT giant have done after leaving the original company. The PayPal mafia Peter Thiel, co-founder and CEO of PayPal bef...