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  Apple is catching up with Samsung in smart connected device market

According to Sina Tech. IDC's latest report shows that as of the end of 2012, Samsung has a 21.2% share of the global market on smart connected devices which is #1. Apple has a 20.3% share which ranks #2. In smart connected devices market, Apple is catching up with Samsung. These devices include desktop computers, laptops, smart phones and tablet PCs. However, because of the higher prices,  Apple is still far ahead of Samsung in revenue. As of the end of 2012, Apple's revenue accounts for 3...

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  iWatch is coming to us before 2014

There are a variety of rumors around Apple iWatch. But according to Bloomberg,  Apple's smart watch is expected to be on sale at the end of this year.It is reported that iWatch might have phone and location tracking capabilities, it will also have a built-in pedometer and some health monitoring sensors. Previously Apple supplier and Gorilla Glass manufacturer Corning said that iWatch would be available only after at least 3 years. But recently Apple retained some iWatch related patents, it...

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  Why does Symbian collapse?

On 24th January, Nokia announces a disappointing news that they would give up Symbian. The 808 PureView released last year will be its last Symbian model.  Symbian was born in 1998, it was supported by the then three mobile giants : Sony Ericson, Motorola and Nokia after its birth, later Samsung and LG also joined the Symbian camp. In 2000, the first Symbian model in the world Ericoson R380 was released, in 20006, there were over 100 million Symbian handphones on the market. But in 2007, t...


  Nokia finally announces the death of Symbian

According to Nokia confirmed that the 808 PureView released last year would be the last phone equipped with Symbian OS in its Q4 financial report. This means that Symbian has been officially declared dead.Nokia said in the report: "In 2012, during the process of transition to Windows Phone, we continue to sell Symbian devices. The Nokia 808 PureView launched in the middle of last year is the last Symbian device."In Q4 2012, sales of Symbian phones were 2.2 million which was equivalent...


  Create wireless hotspot on your smartphone

It's now very common that you may not get Internet connection in first few days when you move to a new place. And you may have some important things to handle or you may just want to connect to Internet and share with others your new place. If you have a smartphone which has enough mobile data package, then you are on the way to enjoy Internet. Today we will introduce how to create a wireless hotspot on your smartphone with Samsung Galaxy S3 i9300. Step 1 Go to Settings -> More Settings ->...


  2 million iPhone 5 sold in China in 3 days

Apple announces that since it was available in China from last Friday, iPhone 5 has been sold over 2 million units in 3 days. iPhone 5 was available for sale in China starting from 14th Dec, the price is 5288RMB and up, there are two cooperated vendors in China : China Telecom and China Unicom. They start sell iPhone 5 on their own sales channels, moreover Apple starts selling iPhone in their own Apple Store and official website. According to Tim Cook, because of the high demand of Apple product...

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  Add ContextMenu to a customized View in Android

In Android, we may sometimes need to add ContextMenu to a View, it's not so easy to add ContextMenu to a customized View. Here we explain how to add ContextMenu to a customized View. First, we may need to create View.OnCreateContextMenuListener so that the customized view can register for it. Here is the class definition: public class GraphView extends View {     private View.OnCreateContextMenuListener vC = new View.OnCreateContextMenuListener() {       &...


  Behind Start Screen of Windows Phone 8

Last week, Microsoft unveiled Windows Phone 8, in addition to some new features, the biggest difference between WP8 and iOS, Android is that it has a start screen consisting of abundant live tiles. Senior product manager of Microsoft Josh Phillips published an article on Microsoft official blog. He talks about the story behind start screen of Windows Phone 8. "How can we make Start even more personal" is the question Phillips and his team is always thinking about. Windows Phone makes the static ...