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  Different ways to print "Hello world" in Java

This post is not about best practice to print "Hello world" in Java, it is about exploring different capabilities offered by Java. Also there are articles about printing "Hello world" in different programming languages, but this post is not about that. Standard literal The most commonly used way is to use System.out to print"Hello world". System.out.println("Hello world"); Enumeration An enumeration can define a set of values belonging to one category. For example, an enumeration for all months ...

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  Cool things you can do with iPhone

Nowadays smart phones have plenty of cool features you can get to know without reading the manuals. But do you know there are some useful but less well known features which can ease our life? In this post, we will share with you some cool features on iPhone. If you have an iPhone with, go and get a try. 1. Use Google Map as free GPS While traveling abroad, you can use Google Maps as a free GPS without an international data plan by making use of it's hidden offline maps feature.You can use this f...

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  Testing is not a Feature

I pointed out to someone at work today that PyDev 2.5.0 now offers really cool TDD support. I’m not a huge TDD proponent or anything, but this stirred up a discussion. This guy, let’s call him John, said that “TDD may shorten the time it takes to develop a feature, but sometimes a feature is so urgent we may want to deliver it as quickly as possible and test it later”.Sentences like that make me weep. I tried to explain that without testing, the risk of releasing...


  The 15 Golden Rules of UI design and flow.

Last night a good friend of mine showed me the latest Need for Speed game on the iphone / ipad. Quite an impressive feat of rendering and a relatively good game to boot. However, the front end, wow, a classic case in UI mis-engineering. Loads of stats, pages and pages of bits and pieces to wade through – a classic case of over stimulating the player with lots of decisions they have no business making – stuff that will significantly change their game play experience but being made at a...


  Why Lua

In this article, I would like to discuss why you should use Lua. This all started with a message that recently popped up on the Lua mailing list regarding why isn't Lua more widely used? The answers went from randomness to lack of libraries to a variety of other things, but the one that resonated with me most was that there are fewer people who enjoy the do it yourself approach, which Lua fully embraces. I've come to think of Lua as the Arch Linux of programming languages. Which, almost by d...


  Please Steal These webOS Features

When Apple introduced the first iPad in 2010, I bought one immediately. I didn’t know what I’d use it for, but I was sure that I would find some use for it. I never did. I played around with it, wrote some code for it, but eventually stopped using it. I would pick it up from time to time to read something or watch a YouTube movie, but even that was a rare occurrence. I have since picked up an iPad 2, and I’m using it a lot more than the first iPad, but again, I’m pretty much only ...

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  Learn from Haskell - Functional, Reusable JavaScript

Learn You a Haskell: For Great Good? For the last couple months I have been learning Haskell. Because there are so many unfamiliar concepts, it feels like learning to program all over again. At i.TV, we write a lot of JavaScript (node.js and front end). While many functional/haskell paradigms don’t translate, there are a few techniques that JS can benefit from. There are Haskell library functions for everything. At first I thought this was just because it was mature, but then I noticed tha...


  The Future of JavaScript � take a peek today!

The ECMA committee is working hard on designing the next version of JavaScript, also known as "Harmony". It is due by the end of next year and it is going to be the most comprehensive upgrade in the history of this language. Chrome and V8 are committed to pushing JavaScript forward and have already started implementing the new features. You can try some of them today in the latest dev channel release. Here’s a summary: Lexical scoping. Now "let" is the new "var" – traditional "var...