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  New Features to Look Out for in Xcode 9

When we say Xcode, we mean a designing toolset which is completely packed with features. Using this Xcode, developers can create applications for platforms such as the Apple TV, the iPad, Apple Watch, and the iPhones and even for the Macintosh. The development system for Xcode has a mixture of features. These are called the instrument analysis tool, simulators, and the ever important OS frameworks which are present in the package in a variety of form of tvOS SDKs, iOS SDKs, watchOS SDKs, and the...

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  How iPhone App Developers Will Get Benefited by iOS 11?

At Apple WWDC 2017, the CEO Tim Cook introduced the next generation of iOS, i.e., iOS 11. Various improvements and innovations included in iOS 11 were discussed. And what one can say from the whole is that this year’s WWDC keynote was more developer-oriented than user-oriented. It was, indeed, an assistance to the iPad and iPhone app developers to create more innovative mobile apps, and serve users for lifetime.  If you are an iOS app developer or working at an iPhone app development...


  Cool things you can do with iPhone

Nowadays smart phones have plenty of cool features you can get to know without reading the manuals. But do you know there are some useful but less well known features which can ease our life? In this post, we will share with you some cool features on iPhone. If you have an iPhone with, go and get a try. 1. Use Google Map as free GPS While traveling abroad, you can use Google Maps as a free GPS without an international data plan by making use of it's hidden offline maps feature.You can use this f...

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  Will the next generation of iPhone be launched on September 10?

According to AllThingsD, Apple might launch its next generation of iPhone on September 10. There is no detailed information about this new iPhone yet, it's also unknown whether it's a cheap one or other kind of versions. But it will equip with iOS 7 and Apple may launch the next generation of Mac OS--Maverick in next few weeks. Since Apple acquired finger print recognition manufacturer AuthenTec with $356 million and it also applied the finger print unlock patent, so the next generation iPhone ...

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  What did iPhone bring to us in the past 5 years?

It is five years now since the first iPhone was released on 29th June 2007. In these 5 years, iPhone is the biggest variable in technology industry on this planet. It brings revolutionary change to many industries including the mobile phone, communication and Internet. It brings us into the era of mobile web. BuzzFeed collected a series of pictures to summarize the changes brought to us by iPhone in these 5 years. Here are some of them.1. Apple is the most valuable company in the worldIn August ...


  Touching and Gesturing on iPhone, Android, and More

One of the most important parts of creating an effective and intuitive user interface on touch-enabled smartphones has nothing to do with visual appearance—instead, it has to do with creating an interface that properly responds to user input based on touch. For Web applications, this means replacing mouse events with touch events. In Dojo 1.7, new touch APIs help make this process easy. This is an updated version of the post Touching and Gesturing on the iPhone, published in 2008. In the...


  Week 1 : Research - Elements of Successful iPhone Games.

This weekend I started work on my first full blown game for the iPhone. I’m not ready to share the details of what the game will be specifically as I’m sure these will change dramatically over the coming weeks. All I’m sure on is it will be a platform game built with Corona SDK. To get me started I’ve been downloading a bunch of games from the app store, jotting down some of the areas contributing to their addictiveness and success. Short levels I do most of my game playing in shor...


  "Simplicity" is not a simple concept

I've come to avoid using the word "Simplicity" or its variants ("Simple," &c.) It means too many different things to different people.For example, my original land-line phone was simple:It's simple by eliminating extraneous use cases. It only handles one user scenario, the one that was the most common when it was invented. If we think of the number of affordances and the number of uses, this kind of simplicity lowers the number of affordances by lowering the number of uses. I call this kind ...