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  Android create button tutorial

This tutorial assumes that you already have an activity and are using an XML layout. Open the layout XML and add the button element.  Assign an ID with the “@+id” operator.  The + tells Android to generate an ID for this element so that you can reference it in your Java files. This is an example. Your layout and text elements will probably be very different. In this example case, the ID of the button is “close”. <Button android:id="@+id/close" android:lay...


  Why using anchors as buttons sucks

So let's say you're an awesome web developer making an awesome web app. One day, you add a link in the web app that has an event handler instead of an href. Testing it, you realize that your cursor doesn't change when hovering over it, unlike a normal link. You think for a minute and then give it a cursor:pointer style, which fixes the issue. You are happy.The next day, QA informs you that the link cannot be tabbed to. Confused, you do some research and find a solution to the problem: Sim...

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  Android Hardware Buttons are not broken, let me tell you why

This post is written as a reaction on Christoffer Du Rietz’s article The Android Hardware-Buttons Are Broken. In his article Christoffer explains how the Android back button shows inconsistent behavior like doing different actions when it is used on the same screen.In the following article I will try to explain that this behavior is not broken. Instead it is exactly what the Android developers had in mind while designing the back button behavior.The way the back button is broken according to C...


  11 CSS Button Solutions

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