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  Have Apple considered to develop iPad for aerospace use?

Today, I read article about China's Shenzhou 9 Spacecraft which is expected to be launched in middle of June. In this article, it mentions that the Chinese astronauts may bring some mobile devices with them in order for them to relax in such a long journey to outer space. The most probable devices they may bring are some tablets because laptops are too heavy to be placed in spacecraft which has limit space and weight capacity., while smartphones are too small and not so convenient for astronauts...


  Tim Cook is ready for China

Everybody knows that China is a big potential market. China is the biggest market of iOS devices. Currently for iOS devices, the market in North America is almost saturated, while Asia market especially China has a very big capacity for iOS devices. Tim Cook has noticed this trend. So his newly released iOS6 has showed his preference for Chinese market.  The new features added to iOS6 for supporting Chinese are : With improved text input and built-in support for popular Chinese Internet se...

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  Apple says goodbye to Google

Apple released many new products and new software in this year's WWDC.They include the new MacBook Air, the new MacBook Pro, iOS6 and more. Among them, the Apple's new map app may get the attention of people who love or hate Google. In iOS6, Apple ruled out Google map, they are saying goodbye to Google. This new Map app integrated with Siri will have voice navigation feature. This means people can receive real time traffic update and the map can offer alternate routes. Also, it will be a 3D map ...

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  Apple CEO criticizes Windows 8 on D10

In the D10 Digital Conference held by The Wall Street Journal, Apple’s CEO Tim Cook expressed his sharp criticism about Windows 8 to be launched by Microsoft. According to Cook, the idea of this OS attempting to perfectly apply to both tablet and PC is far from realistic.On D10, Tim Cook said : "[With Windows 8, Microsoft] is pulling all of the leg weight of the PC market. You wind up with something that's very similar to what tablets were 10 years ago. The more you look at combining the tab...

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  App defeats web

As an admired rock musician and co-founder of the venture capital firm Elevation Partners, Roger McNamee has a statement about Apple : The reason why Apple is so successful today is because App defeats Web.Apple divides contents of web into small apps, and then ask users to pay. This actually means that Apple creates a new business model which is fundamentally different from Web.Commodity Content and Differential ContentCommodity Content is the information model in desktop and web era which is h...

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  Boeing is developing Android phone?

Boeing is also involved in to the mobile Internet? It is said to be true. Recently, the Journal of the American national defense disclosure, Boeing is developing a super-safe Android phone.The magazine said Boeing President Roger Krone said this is Boeing's first foray into research and development of communication devices using the cellular network. Security infrastructure sector vice president Brian Palma said the mobile phone code-named "the Boeing Phone" has entered the final stage , is exp...


  Apple's new patent for non-programmers

U.S. Patent and Trademark Office this week announced a new Apple patent called  "Content Configuration for Device Platforms" which they applied in December 2011. This patent describes a new border software that allows users who do not understand code to create applications  .The patent mentioned that computer programming language has become the obstacles to creating applications, because a lot of content writers and designers do not have knowledge of computer programming.Thi...


  Touching and Gesturing on iPhone, Android, and More

One of the most important parts of creating an effective and intuitive user interface on touch-enabled smartphones has nothing to do with visual appearance—instead, it has to do with creating an interface that properly responds to user input based on touch. For Web applications, this means replacing mouse events with touch events. In Dojo 1.7, new touch APIs help make this process easy. This is an updated version of the post Touching and Gesturing on the iPhone, published in 2008. In the...