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  App defeats web

As an admired rock musician and co-founder of the venture capital firm Elevation Partners, Roger McNamee has a statement about Apple : The reason why Apple is so successful today is because App defeats Web.Apple divides contents of web into small apps, and then ask users to pay. This actually means that Apple creates a new business model which is fundamentally different from Web.Commodity Content and Differential ContentCommodity Content is the information model in desktop and web era which is h...

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  Apple's new patent for non-programmers

U.S. Patent and Trademark Office this week announced a new Apple patent called  "Content Configuration for Device Platforms" which they applied in December 2011. This patent describes a new border software that allows users who do not understand code to create applications  .The patent mentioned that computer programming language has become the obstacles to creating applications, because a lot of content writers and designers do not have knowledge of computer programming.Thi...


  Apple investigating new iPad WiFi issues, tells AppleCare to replace affected units

According to an internal AppleCare document, Apple is actively investigating a series of WiFi-related issues affecting the third-generation iPad. Since the new iPad’s launch, many users have been complaining about third-generation iPad WiFi issues ranging from connection drops, slow download and upload speeds, or the device’s inability to even pickup local WiFi networks. A thread discussing the issue exists on Apple’s online support forums has almost amassed 700 replies from users ...


  Apple patent shows they are developing "Killer" 3D Camera

This is not the first time that Apple patent shows they have interest on 3D camera technology. In November last year, one Apple patent shows that Apple is developing advanced three-dimensional object recognition and verification technology. According to PatentlyApple report (March 30,2012) one patent released this week shows that Apple is developing a 3D camera technology for the future iOS devices. This 3D camera is described as an advanced component with advanced micro-lens, depth, chrom...

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  Why Building a Mobile App is Hard

Kent Nguyen has a great article about how building iOS apps takes a lot of work. And, here at Parse, we agree. Making a well-designed app is not a trivial task. Many non-developers hugely underestimate the amount of sweat and tears that goes into a single app. The big component that is overlooked and that Kent stresses is the server component. An app is not an island. Users expect their apps to richly interact with the internet. This means you need to worry about developing code on servers, com...


  Building an iPhone application.

One of my New Years resolutions was to finally learn the iOS SDK and build a 'real' application.I am happy to report that progress is going really well and wanted to share something that I have noticed about iOS programming.It only looks scary... it's not. It's actually very easy.Now, I am not building Mail, Angry Birds or Photosynth or anything, but the core concepts of the SDK are not that bad once you spend some time learning delegation. If you don't understand delegation, iOS programmi...


  Learn How to Write iOS Apps

My friend contacted me on twitter and asked for advice on different sources on how to learn iOS apps. Since this paragraph will already exceed 140 characters, I'm posting here, instead. (Obviously, reading this blog regularly is a great way to pick up some iOS development tricks) To get started, some people buy a book or find some good online tutorials. I tried both approaches, and the online tutorials were definitely better. I found Stanford's class on iPhone Development, available for free...


  The biggest iOS 5 bug you've never heard of

There is a huge bug when Group Messaging is disabled in iOS 5. I'm shocked Apple hasn't fixed this yet. Today a friend sent out a text message blast, announcing they got a new phone number. Shortly after, I got text messages from three random people I don't know. I was confused how these people got my number, but then I realized they were replies intended for my friend who sent out the text blast. If you've ever used the Group Messaging feature,...

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