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  A new SSL 3.0 vulnerability named POODLE is released

Today a new SSL v3 security vulnerability is released by Google and it affects all products which is using SSL v3 protocol as this vulnerability is introduced by a design flaw. Google revealed details of the design flaw on Tuesday, and dubbed it POODLE – short for Padding Oracle On Downgraded Legacy Encryption. It is a blunder within the blueprints of SSL 3.0 rather than a software bug, so it affects any product following the protocol – from Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox to Micro...


  Tips and tricks about JavaScript from Google

JavaScript is now a very popular client side language. It's flexible, powerful but easy to make mistakes. So good programming style is better for you to write efficient and readable JavaScript codes. Here are some tips and tricks about JavaScript from Google. True and False Boolean Expressions The following are all false in boolean expressions: null undefined '' the empty string 0 the number But be careful, because these are all true: '0' the string [] the empty array {}&n...


  Qihoo 360 confirms the cooperation with Google

Affected by the news that Qihoo 360 would cooperate with Google, Qihoo 360 and Baidu are treated differently in capital market at the beginning of 2013. Analysts have high expectations on Qihoo 360 and increase its performance expectations for fiscal year 2013, while Baidu suffered price target downgrades.According to Sina technology news, Qihoo 360 confirmed this news to ZDNet, but they refused to disclose more details. According to Qihoo 360, there is some kind of cooperation existed between ...

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  Understand how Larry Page leads Google judging by what he says

Larry Page is the head of one of the world's greatest companies : Google. For a long period of time, Page and the other co-founder Sergey Brin managed the company together. In 2001, Eric Schmidt took over the company, became Google's chairman and CEO. Until 2011, Page replaced Schmidt as the company's CEO.Page has undoubtedly played a pivotal role in Google's development. How did he push Google to today's height? Some of his quotations might be able to give the answer to this question. In my op...


  Groupon share price grows by 23% because of Google

There have been rumors that Google will acquire Groupon. This rumor makes Groupon's share price soar 23% in three weeks.Groupon's share price closed at $4.69 yesterday, which is Groupon's highest price since October 19. Since November 2011 IPO, Groupon's share price dropped 77%.Telsey Advisory Group analyst Tom Forte said Groupon's market capitalization shrunk to $3.07 billion, It's possible that Google may choose to acquire Groupon at this time. In fact, after there was news that Google was con...


  Apple says goodbye to Google

Apple released many new products and new software in this year's WWDC.They include the new MacBook Air, the new MacBook Pro, iOS6 and more. Among them, the Apple's new map app may get the attention of people who love or hate Google. In iOS6, Apple ruled out Google map, they are saying goodbye to Google. This new Map app integrated with Siri will have voice navigation feature. This means people can receive real time traffic update and the map can offer alternate routes. Also, it will be a 3D map ...

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