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  Find the kth smallest number in an array

This is an classical question, the general solution to this question is first using sorting algorithm to sort the array, then get the kth number in the array, the complexity is O(nlogn), we can also use selective sort or head sort to, the complexity of selective sort is O(kn) and heap sort is O(nlogk). The better solution is to use quick sort to find the kth smallest number, the complexity is O(n), the worst case cost is O(n^2). But today we introduce one more solution which has the worst case c...


  Qihoo 360 confirms the cooperation with Google

Affected by the news that Qihoo 360 would cooperate with Google, Qihoo 360 and Baidu are treated differently in capital market at the beginning of 2013. Analysts have high expectations on Qihoo 360 and increase its performance expectations for fiscal year 2013, while Baidu suffered price target downgrades.According to Sina technology news, Qihoo 360 confirmed this news to ZDNet, but they refused to disclose more details. According to Qihoo 360, there is some kind of cooperation existed between ...

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