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  Cool HTML5 matrix effect

Do you still remember the movie The Matrix? Do you still remember the cool matrix effect in that movie? How is that effect achieved? Shaun Dunne shared a piece of HTML5 code which displays a cool matrix effect. The matrix demo can be found here. Below is the code which he achieves this effect: with var s = window.screen; var width = q.width = s.width; var height = q.height = s.height; var letters = Array(256).join(1).split(''); var draw = function () { q.getContext('2d').fillStyle='rgba(0,0,...

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  TowTruck from Mozilla Lab

TowTruck is a real time collaboration tool developed by Mozilla lab, it can enable users to do real time chat, voice chat in any webpage. Both sides can see each other's mouse position, it will produce animation when mouse clicked. The classical application for collaborative sides is users can discuss a document while reading the same document or modify some codes or fill up an application form. TowTruck is an open source project. It's very easy to deploy TowTruck, first you need to embed below ...


  Turn browser into notepad with one line of code

This is the code shared by Jose on codewall. When you type data:text/html,   into the address bar of the browser and press enter, the browser will turn into a notepad which you can edit. Why it works? This uses Data URI’s format and it tells the browser to render HTML. But contenteditable is a property of HTML5, so this can only work in the web browser which supports this property. Here are some interesting contents. Some people make some changes to the code encouraged by the ide...

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  6 amazing HTML5 animation effects

HTML5 is rapidly developed in WEB world, it puts all kinds of pressure to browser development, but at the same time it also brings us lots of unexpected page effects. If we can use some HTML5 elements on our web apps,  we may get different user experience. However, for HTML5, there are lots of places need to improved. The following HTML5 animation effects are very attractive. 1. HTML5 mouseover image effect This HTML5 animation effect can be used in photo gallery, users can preview the...

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  Mark Zuckerberg : Facebook's biggest mistake is relying too much on HTML5

On Disrupt conference organized by TechCrunch, Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg said they relied too heavily on HTML5 and ignored the advantages of the Native-App when talking about Facebook mobile product design strategy.Zuckerberg said the focus in HTML5 was his biggest mistake. This is the first time the young CEO admits he is wrong on HTML5 and native applications publicly. Zuckerberg later mentioned after transferring the Facebook client from HTML to Native applications, users coms...

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  File upload once again

File upload is one of the oldest operation of web design. After 20 years, it's still has no big change, difficult to handle, lack of interaction and poor user experience. Web developers have thought many methods to improve the experience of uploading file in web apps, they developed various plugins based on different JavaScript libraries. However, because of the difference among different web browsers, there is no common interface which makes these plugins work properly or easily on all web brow...


  The world's first HTML5 SIP client

This is the world's first open source HTML5 SIP client (May 12, 2012) entirely written in javascript for integration in social networks (FaceBook, Twitter, Google+), online games, e-commerce sites... No extension, plugin or gateway is needed. The media stack rely on WebRTC. The client can be used to connect to any SIP or IMS network from your preferred browser to make and receive audio/video calls and instant messages. The protocol parsers (SIP, SDP...) are highly optimized using Ragel loo...

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  App defeats web

As an admired rock musician and co-founder of the venture capital firm Elevation Partners, Roger McNamee has a statement about Apple : The reason why Apple is so successful today is because App defeats Web.Apple divides contents of web into small apps, and then ask users to pay. This actually means that Apple creates a new business model which is fundamentally different from Web.Commodity Content and Differential ContentCommodity Content is the information model in desktop and web era which is h...

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