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  Mark Zuckerberg : Facebook's biggest mistake is relying too much on HTML5

On Disrupt conference organized by TechCrunch, Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg said they relied too heavily on HTML5 and ignored the advantages of the Native-App when talking about Facebook mobile product design strategy.Zuckerberg said the focus in HTML5 was his biggest mistake. This is the first time the young CEO admits he is wrong on HTML5 and native applications publicly. Zuckerberg later mentioned after transferring the Facebook client from HTML to Native applications, users coms...

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  Will HTML5 ever overtake native mobile apps?

Since now HTML5 has become a very hot topic. It can be used develop some highly functional and amazing applications on desktop and mobile devices. Also, there are many libraries which are using HTML5 to develop some native app like applications on iPhone and Android systems such as PhoneGap. Someone on Quora asked a question which many people are concerning about.: Will HTML5 ever overtake native mobile apps? It seems that the number of people who are agreeing with it equals to the number of peo...

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  “Native vs Web” Is Total Bullshit

The web is dead. HTML5 is the be-all end-all of the future. Users are spending more time on apps and less time on the web. You can do anything on the web that you can in a native app. Yawn. Here’s how I feel whenever I hear/read anything about the overplayed “Native Versus Web” argument: It’s not an either-or decision Why aren’t we still arguing over “Print vs Digital”? Well, because (most) people understand that each medium has its place in this world, and as it turns out, ...