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  Facebook open sources its C++ library named Folly

Recently, Facebook open sourced its low level C++ function library for its internal use named Folly. Folly is an open sourced C++11 component library, it provides functions similar to what boost and std libraries provide, including string, vector and memory allocation, bit operation etc, to fulfill large scale high performance requirements.Currently Folly is tested with gcc4.6 on some 64 bit systems such as Fedora 17, Ubuntu 12.04 and Debian wheezy, it may also be OK on other 64 bit platforms wi...


  Using MySQL Connector/C++ with Visual Studio 2010

MySQL Connector/C++ is one of the latest connectors for MySQL, developed by Sun Microsystems. The MySQL connector for C++ provides an object-oriented application programming interface (API) and a database driver for connecting C++ applications to the MySQL Server.When we want to build a database application with C++ using Visual Studio 2010, we may use the MySQL Connector/C++, but sometimes we may encounter different errors, either compile or runtime error. After tried many times, I finally made...

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  Must read C++ book list

Every programmer should read some books to enhance their understanding about the language before the start to practice. But some of us often wonder what books we should read and in what order. Some books may not be suitable for beginners and some books may cover the similar topics. Here I summarize a C++ book list we should read.Stage 1"Essential C++" : It is short but powerful and it can enhance our understanding of C++'s features.This book is specifically designed to bring you up to speed in a...

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  A C++ program puzzle

Recently I came across a question asked by wang2191195 on a Chinese IT forum CSDN which asks about a C++ program puzzle. He has a code snippet which cannot be compiled. The code is:#include <cstdlib> #include <iostream> using namespace std; class Base{ public: virtual void func(){ cout << "Base::func()" << endl; } virtual int func( int num ){ cout << "Base::func( int " << num << " )" << endl; return 0; ...

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  Functional Programming in C++

Probably everyone reading this has heard “functional programming” put forth as something that is supposed to bring benefits to software development, or even heard it touted as a silver bullet.  However, a trip to Wikipedia for some more information can be initially off-putting, with early references to lambda calculus and formal systems.  It isn’t immediately clear what that has to do with writing better software. My pragmatic summary:  A large fraction of the flaws in s...


  Eight C++ programming mistakes the compiler won’t catch

C++ is a complex language, full of subtle traps for the unwary. There is an almost infinite number of ways to screw things up. Fortunately, modern compilers are pretty good at detecting a large number of these cases and notifying the programmer via compile errors or warnings. Ultimately, any error that is compiler-detectable becomes a non-issue if properly handled, as it will be caught and fixed before the program leaves development. At worst, a compiler-detectable error results in los...

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  Get associated file icon with only extension name using C++ on Windows

I have searched on Google for a few examples on how to get associated file icon with only file extension name using C++ on Windows. There are some useful information provided on MSDN which explains the use of SHGetFileInfo() function.It also gives an example code, but it doesn't say how to do it with only the extension name.  Here I give an example code on how to achieve this after I gathered and summarized some  useful information from Internet. I have tested the code on my PC, it w...


  sorting in C++: 3 times faster than C.

If you don't know C++ well, you might be surprised how fast C++ can be sometimes. This is especially true when code involved is small, because then inlining - which is what C++ is very good at - and templating, which makes excessive inlining possible in the first place - has the most effect. The following code compares C and C++ sorting:  #include <iostream>#include <algorithm>#include <vector>#include "stop_watch.inl" // see https://...