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Facebook open sources its C++ library named Folly

  Peter      2012-06-05 08:31:12      3,628    1    0

Recently, Facebook open sourced its low level C++ function library for its internal use named Folly. Folly is an open sourced C++11 component library, it provides functions similar to what boost and std libraries provide, including string, vector and memory allocation, bit operation etc, to fulfill large scale high performance requirements.

Currently Folly is tested with gcc4.6 on some 64 bit systems such as Fedora 17, Ubuntu 12.04 and Debian wheezy, it may also be OK on other 64 bit platforms without any modification. If the performance of your software is what you concern, you can have a try on this library.

Project address is :

Facebook claims that it may be more convenient for them to open source other stuff after Folly is open sourced. In addition, Facebook organized a C++ conference for this, Scott Meyers, Andrel Alexandrescu and Herb Sutter attended this conference and made presentations on the conference. Here is the conference record which may help you understand Folly better.

We may expect more excellent open sourced libraries from Facebook. This is good news for developers.

Reference :





Dillian [Reply]@ 2012-11-10 01:08:33
You've really imrpessed me with that answer!


What happens to my computer

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