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Is Facebook News Feed copied from Google+?

  sonic0002      2013-03-10 04:37:18      3,646    0    0

According to Sina Tech, Facebook released its new News Feed this week. However, this design is considered to be copied from Google social network the Google+.

Google senior vice president of technology infrastructure Urs Holzle said: "Proud to see +Mark Zuckerberg promote G+.  Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery!"

Although technology companies will learn from each other's designs and there are not any effective ways to display pictures on the web and mobile devices, Facebook's new design is indeed similar to Google+. But Facebook's new design may make the user happy since it provides more user control functions.

Prior to the launch of a new dynamic aggregation design, Facebook has said that the new version of the design will be able to display larger photos, video, and richer media experience. The social media marketing company M80 president Jeff Semones had been expected that Facebook's new design looked like Google+ but nobody would admit it, Facebook has learnt from Google about how to win advertising market.





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Objects belong to our generation

By sonic0002
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