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  GCC is compiled with C++ compiler

On 15 Aug, 2012, GCC merged a patch--Merge from cxx-conversion branch . This means GCC will be compiled with C++ compiler in the future, it also means that GCC will be implemented using C++. You may have following two puzzles: Why does GCC turn to C++? Without C++ compiler, how can we compile C++ codes? Why using C++? In GNU's C++ Conversion, we can find this description in the background section: Whether we use C or C++, we need to try to ensure that interfaces are easy to understan...

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  Eight C++ programming mistakes the compiler won’t catch

C++ is a complex language, full of subtle traps for the unwary. There is an almost infinite number of ways to screw things up. Fortunately, modern compilers are pretty good at detecting a large number of these cases and notifying the programmer via compile errors or warnings. Ultimately, any error that is compiler-detectable becomes a non-issue if properly handled, as it will be caught and fixed before the program leaves development. At worst, a compiler-detectable error results in los...

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