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  Must read C++ book list

Every programmer should read some books to enhance their understanding about the language before the start to practice. But some of us often wonder what books we should read and in what order. Some books may not be suitable for beginners and some books may cover the similar topics. Here I summarize a C++ book list we should read.Stage 1"Essential C++" : It is short but powerful and it can enhance our understanding of C++'s features.This book is specifically designed to bring you up to speed in a...

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  Lisp: It's Not About Macros, It's About Read

Note: the examples here only work with outlet lisp. Refer to your version of lisp/scheme’s documentation for how read works (and possibly other forms) I know it’s an old post by now, but something about the article Why I love Common Lisp and hate Java, part II rubbed me the wrong way. The examples just aren’t that good. The usage of macros is plain baffling, when a function would have been fine. The author admits this, but still does it. There’s a follow-up post which focuses more on ...

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